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Our range of expat housing in Rotterdam gives corporates looking to visit the city the choice to pick their very own ‘home away from home’ based on their requirements and business travel plans. Whether bookers are after long or short term serviced apartments in Rotterdam, below is a selection of great properties, all capable of ensuring guests can embrace a comfortable, self-catered lifestyle in the Netherlands’ second-largest city.
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About Rotterdam


Rotterdam is the home of easily Europe’s largest port, make the city what many people call ‘ a gateway into the continent’. The expectations for the city are, therefore, high and expat housing in Rotterdam meets the mark too.

About Rotterdam

Why Choose Expat Housing in Rotterdam?

What is it about expat housing in Rotterdam that makes them THE accommodation choice for corporates visiting the city?

Situ’s expat housing and serviced apartments in Rotterdam exceed the expectations that come with booking hotel rooms, in terms of comfort, amenities, convenience and location. Each of our properties comes with a fully equipped kitchen, washing facilities, spacious living, and dining areas, access to free Wi fi and a housekeeping service. The suppliers we work with strive to provide Rotterdam apartments that make guests feel like they are staying at home despite the potential stresses and frustrations that arise whilst away for business.

Our range of corporate properties are conveniently located both in and outside the city centre, near the famous port, close to the airport and near other transport facilities. Having this choice means visitors to the city can afford to be picky, choosing where they stay based on where they need to be for business arrangements. Get in touch with a member of the Situ team and find out how expat housing stay in Rotterdam could be the right choice to compliment your business travel plans.

Where is Rotterdam?

Rotterdam is the Netherlands’ second-largest city, based in the Dutch province of South Holland. The city is home to around 650,000 people, made up of just under 200 different nationalities. Rotterdam is considered to be the largest seaport in Europe and is certainly one of the major port cities in the country, alongside Amsterdam.

The capital is an hour-long car journey away to the north, whilst both cities are around 20 miles east of the western coastline that looks out onto the North Sea. Rotterdam’s port is connected to the sea via the ship canal known as the Nieuwe Waterweg, or the ‘New Waterway’. The City of The Hague not far from Rotterdam and much closer to the coastline whilst Utrecht is the next closest major city to Rotterdam, no more than 40 miles to the east.

Despite being a small city compared to its global counterparts, covering only 125 square miles of land, around 1 million people still visit Rotterdam each year. Whilst trade and business that stems from the city’s port is attractive for corporates who come here, there is also a significant population of visitors who are here for business related activities too. Enabling this is Rotterdam The Hague Airport, based 5 miles northwest of the city centre.

There’s plenty of Rotterdam accommodation options based nearby the airport, conveniently located for corporates visiting on a short trip.

Expats in Rotterdam

Being labelled a gateway into Europe bears great responsibility, but fortunately, the city of Rotterdam handles this pressure expertly as one of the best places to visit for business in the world. Despite being very dependent on overseas trade, the economy leads the way nationally in maritime, science, health and agricultural business sectors. This means Rotterdam is able to attract investment from across the globe.

Companies who base themselves here also know that they can reach around 150 million potential consumers all within a 300-mile radius. The two biggest airports in the country, Amsterdam Schiphol and Rotterdam The Hague, being based within close proximity of the city is also, of course, a bonus for corporates on the move.

The profitable business climate Rotterdam offers is there to be taken advantage of as well. There’s almost an attitude of ‘anything is possible’ across the very diverse population. As well as that, business costs are amongst the lowest in comparison to other European cities and a competitive national tax regime enables companies who start-up or relocate here to be at an immediate advantage. Foreign investment and innovation are encouraged across Rotterdam and the Netherlands.

To learn more about the potential of business success or company relocation to Rotterdam, visit either the Intercompany Solutions or Rotterdam Partners website. For information about business-class, furnished apartments in Rotterdam, get in touch with a member of the Situ team.

Life in Rotterdam

Following a revamp of the city after the damage caused by World War II, Rotterdam is now a city packed with modern character and iconic sites. Amongst the most recognised attractions is undoubtedly the Rotterdam Europoort. After all, it makes up around half of Rotterdam’s total area. When the whole area and famous Erasmus Bridge are lit up at night, the canal views are spectacular. Similarly iconic too is the Euromast. Based a minutes walk from the beautiful Het Park, this observation tower offers the best view of the city from 185 metres up.

Rotterdam’s history is also very well represented thanks to the many museums across the city. There’s the main Rotterdam Museum which gives an overall impression of local history, the Natural History Museum, the Boijmans Van Beuningen which is Rotterdam’s largest art museum or the very popular Maritime Museum which provides a great insight into the city’s connections with sea trade.

It is not all about history though, as there other great sites worth visiting in Rotterdam. Two popular meeting spots are the Market Hall and the Coolsingel district. Here visitors can grab a drink or indulge on Dutch delicacies. Finally, there’s also the Rotterdam Zoo, known as Diergaarde Blijdorp. It is very popular amongst the locals and is one of the longest-running zoos in the country.

Wherever you decide to visit, just know there’s a range of Rotterdam apartments available that can place you at the heart of all of these great sites.


Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTM)

Each year over two million people travel via the Rotterdam The Hague Airport. It is the third busiest airport in the Netherlands, enabling flights to around 50 European destinations.

Transport connections are good from the airport. Taxis are readily available at all hours outside the airport and from within the city centre. Metro Line 8 also connects the airport with Rotterdam Central station. Several bus routes run to and from the airport too, making the travel between your expat housing in Rotterdam and the airport straightforward.

Rotterdam Metro

The Rotterdam Metro system is the beating heart of the city. It was the first of its kind to open in the country and fuels the travel of thousands of people every day. It is only operated across 5 lines/routes, however, with the biggest stations being Rotterdam Centraal Station, which handles over 100,000 passengers every day, and the major interchange Beurs Station.

The entire train network is provided by a company called RET. Through their website, you can purchase various tickets that can be used for buses, trams and trains, as well as find out about routes and timetables.

Rotterdam Trams and Buses

Trams and buses are very popular modes of transport with the people of Rotterdam because of how regularly they run. There are at least eight tram lines that operate through the city centre from 7 am till midnight. Each of these routes converges at the Centraal station, the best place to start a tram journey.

The RotterTram is very popular too. A ticket for this service includes a lengthy tour of the city and a four-course meal.

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