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Unlike standard hotel rooms, serviced apartments in The Hague offer much more concerning comfort, convenience and location. Short stay apartments in The Hague are located, designed and equipped with the intention of welcoming a corporate to the city. Guests in these ‘home away from homes’ rest assured knowing that their visit to The Hague is complete with a stay in their very own ‘home away from home’.
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About The Hague


The Hague goes down as one of the great locations for business in Europe thanks to the array of attractions and the impressive business climate it possesses. The many available, homely serviced apartments in The Hague are just an added incentive for those travellers who are thinking of visiting here.

About The Hague

Why Choose Serviced Apartments in The Hague?

Fully equipped kitchens, free WiFi, spacious work, living and dining areas, homely bedrooms, laundry facilities and an included housekeeping service with a stay are just some of the expectations corporates should have of serviced apartments in The Hague.

Serviced long or short stay apartments in The Hague offers all of these amenities and more depending on how bookers want to live in the city. For instance, a business traveller could desire for an average price that their property is air-conditioned throughout, has a swimming pool or on-site parking, an on-site gym or a flat-screen TV etc.

Ultimately, high-quality business accommodation offers an unparalleled level of flexibility, comfort and convenience that an average hotel room or B&B could not provide. On-site facilities and the service that comes with booking expat rentals in The Hague make them the only accommodation option for corporates looking to stay hassle-free in their very home away from home.

Situ has fully furnished accommodation options all across the centre of The Hague too, giving the corporate traveller the option of staying whichever location suits them and their business travel arrangements.

Where is The Hague?

Based in the Netherlands along the western coastline which overlooks the North Sea, The Hague is one of the country’s major cities. It is not only the capital of the South Holland province but has also been the seat of the Dutch government since the 16th century.

The Hague may be the largest city on the coastline, but it is not the only major city in the west. 40 miles to the northeast of the area of The Hague is the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, whilst Utrecht and Rotterdam are around 45 miles to the east and just over 15 miles to the south-east, respectively.

Whilst The Hague is the third most populated city in the country with around 500,000 people living there, millions of people from overseas visit the city every year too. Both corporates and visitors also appreciate how easy it is to get here via the Rotterdam The Hague Airport. It is only a half an hour drive from the city centre. By road, The Hague is also easily accessible via the A12 and A20 motorways from the east, or even by the ferry port in the nearby town, Hook of Holland.

Whichever way travellers plan to make it to city, for business, we have a great choice of The Hague apartments on hand to ensure guests can always base themselves wherever they need to be.

Corporate Expats in The Hague

As is well known, The Hague is the seat of the Supreme Court, the Cabinet, the States General and the Council of State of the Netherlands. The Hague is not the country’s capital, but nevertheless, the fact that these extremely important national institutions are based here is a testimony to how well-respected the Hague is as a major city. It also has the business environment, climate and population of working professionals to match, encouraging corporates to relocate here and stay in expat rentals in The Hague.

Fully aware of the city’s economic potential, huge companies such as Siemens, Shell and AT&T have based their headquarters in The Hague. These are just a few of the approximate 50 international investments that are made by companies into the city each year. These are encouraging signs for business people looking to start-up a company here. The Hague was also the first-ever to become an ‘ImpactCity’. This means that the city leads the way internationally in terms of supporting sustainable development and new entrepreneurship. New corporates to the city can feel like they are not alone, with the infrastructure and facilities in place to allow individuals to be ‘doing good & doing business’.

Ultimately, whether corporates are staying in long or short term accommodation in The Hague for larger ventures or just a short trip, the city has an economic climate and business framework that is there to be taken advantage of.

What to do in The Hague?

Despite the city’s political connections, The Hague should still be known as a charming, beautiful destination with many unique attractions. With there being a beach and stunning coastline The Hague is already one of the most popular places to visit in the Netherlands as it is, but an array of shops, places to eat and sights to see make the city more than just a beach resort.

Museums are a huge part of the city’s tourism industry. In the most part, the bulk of the most popular museums are based right in the city centre. Some of our favourites include the famous Mauritshuis Museum, The Hague’s Historic Museum, the Escher in Het Paleis or the De Mesdag collection. There are many other museums too that you could find are within walking distance of your The Hague accommodation.

There are some beautiful buildings dotted around the city that visitors can visit too. Of course, there’s the Binnenhof government building which was once a 13th-century castle. It’s one of the oldest parliament buildings left and for a small fee, you could either enjoy a boat ride around the structure or even take a guided tour of the inside. We know we said there’s more to The Hague then the beach, but do be sure to visit the iconic Scheveningen Beach Pier too if you get a chance. It is very popular and is deemed as a historic attraction for the locals.

Ultimately whether travellers are here alone in their own furnished studio in The Hague or with their family or colleagues in larger accommodation, there is something to see and do for everyone in this beautiful city.


Rotterdam The Hague International Airport (RTM)

In between the cities of Rotterdam and The Hague, the suitably named ‘Rotterdam The Hague Airport’ is the third busiest airport in the Netherlands. It handles the flights of around two million passengers on average every year.

The airport is just a short train, bus or taxi journey away from the city centre and a range of serviced apartments in The Hague. It also has a business park with plenty of office place, ideal for corporates looking to relocate the city.

The Hague Train Stations

Most of the train travel in and out of The Hague flows through the Den Haag Centraal Railway Station, the largest station in the city. It also has the largest train terminal in the entire country, acting as a hub for public transportation.

The services that run through Central Station go as far as Dutch destinations such as Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Breda, Groningen and Haarlem. There are just over twenty trains scheduled to roll through this station an hour. Alternative stations in the city are Ypenburg and Holland Spoor railway stations.

Buses and Trams in The Hague

The Hague is very well connected by bus and tram services, courtesy of the operating company HTM. Whilst it is easy to get around merely on foot, altogether there are around 20 tram and bus lines that run between major sites and attractions across the city.

We recommend buying a one or three day ticket from railway stations or HTM customer service points so corporates can have the freedom to get around the city without leaving themselves too far away from their centrally located long or short stay apartments in The Hague.

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