Situ Partner Health and Safety Commitment

This declaration statement is provided by the owner or operator or managing agent ("supplier") of the serviced apartments that it has listed with Situ ("serviced apartment(s)"), for the benefit of Situ Living Limited (incorporated and registered in England and Wales with Company Number 6624137, whose registered office is at Unit 3, Ulysses House, Ulysses Park, Heron Road, Exeter, EX2 7PH) ("Situ").

Supplier hereby declares, guarantees and warrants that:


Standards and Safety

  1. The serviced apartment(s) shall conform to all applicable planning, licensing and other requirements as may be imposed on it by national, local or other laws, regulations, guidelines, rules and codes of practice including, but not limited to those relating to fire, safety and hygiene, of the country(s) in which and for the purposes for which the serviced apartment(s) is(are) provided;


  1. It holds, for each serviced apartment and where applicable, a valid, certified gas safety record which is in-date and shows the appliances tested, the date the testing took place, the registration number of the registered gas safe engineer and the address of property tested;


  1. Each serviced apartment is fitted with carbon monoxide detectors and that all such detectors must meet British (European) Standard EN 50291 and be sited, fitted and tested to the alarm manufacturer's specification;


  1. For each serviced apartment, the appropriate fire risk assessments have been carried out and the appropriate measures are provided to protect against fire risk, in-line with advice from a registered and external fire safety officer/company;


  1. For each serviced apartment, all appropriate fire safety equipment is provided and that all such equipment is sited, fitted and tested according to manufacturer's instruction/specification;


  1. For each serviced apartment, all electrical fittings, wiring and equipment is installed and fitted to the applicable regulatory standards and, where applicable, all such fittings and equipment.



  1. The supplier shall, as a minimum, maintain for the duration of the agency agreement entered into between the parties, with a reputable insurance company public liability insurance, to a minimum of £5 million (or local equivalent), to cover injury and damage to third parties on their premises. In both cases the insurer must be notified by the supplier that the premises will be let.


  1. In addition to the requirements imposed by clause 1.2.1, the supplier shall maintain appropriate levels of:


  1. Employers liability insurance, residential owners insurance, holiday home/let insurance.


  1. For every type of insurance policy required by this clause 1.2, the schedule to such policies will clearly state the coverage of each serviced apartment under operation of the supplier.



  1. Appropriate security measures are in place, in relation to each serviced apartment, to reduce any risk for the guest during their stay, this may include but is not limited to; a 24 hour reception, a night guard, CCTV cameras, an intercom/phone entry system, electronic key fob entries – to both the building and the serviced apartment.


Emergency Contact

  1. It shall provide an emergency / 24 hour contact name and telephone number to Situ upon the signing of the agency agreement and this declaration, which can in turn be provided to any clients who make a booking of the serviced apartment(s). Thereafter, should the supplier update or otherwise change its emergency / 24 hour contact name and telephone number, it will immediately notify Situ of any such change.


  1. The supplier hereby declares, guarantees and warrants that it shall maintain compliance with the requirements set out in this declaration and the agency agreement between the parties, throughout the term in which the agency agreement remains in force.


  1. The supplier hereby declares, guarantees and warrants that it is able to (and that it shall) conclusively evidence compliance with any or all of the requirements set out in this declaration at any time upon demand for such evidence from Situ.



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