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A new era of booking has begun...

Revolutionising how serviced accommodation is booked forever.

Join forces with us and become part of this exciting success story. Our team of experts has searched far and wide to source only the best serviced accommodation options to become live and instantly bookable on our website. There's a time and place for the classic 'on request status', but our mission is to make that happen far less frequently and present an array of instantly bookable accommodation options from across the globe. Industry forerunners, right here.

But enough about us. How can you profit from this new era for the serviced accommodation booking experience? Three key benefits come to mind...


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Increase conversions

With improved visibility comes great responsibility…but also a greater chance of more conversions. Being a live provider puts you at the front of the pack.


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Improve visibility

By announcing yourself as live, you can stand out from the crowd in locations across the globe. Your instantly bookable properties will separate themselves from the rest.


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Instant updates

It’s all in your hands. You have full control over your portfolio and our Supply Chain team will be on hand to provide you with regular updates.


How can you integrate with us?

So now you're probably wondering how you can become part of Situ Live. Well, thanks to a smooth onboarding process, it's really simple.

All you have to do is be compliant with our assessment procedures and you'll be ready to get started!

Live Integrations with Situ



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1. Getting started!

Step one is identifying your stock of live availability. Together, we’ll look at where your stock lives and the different room types.

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2. Connecting...

So now that we know which properties you’d like to connect and we’re happy with all of the information you’ve provided, we're ready to connect.

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3. Live!

And just like that, your stock is a part of Situ Live! What’s more, now we’re happy with your set-up, you'll have search preference across our website.



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Already a Partner?

You’re obviously great if you already work with us, so click the button below and drop our Integrations Team a line to learn more about connecting your stock of live availability.

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