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Our corporate apartments in Washington DC offer an experience that is unparalleled by any other accommodation option. Unlike a standard hotel, Situ's corporate housing in Washington DC comes fully equipped with everything a guest needs, enabling them to easily fulfil a comfortable self-catered lifestyle as part of their business trip to the one of a kind capital of the United States.
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About Washington D.C.


Home to the most important office in the world, the stature and reputation of Washington DC as an incredible place to work and do business is essentially undeniable.

About Washington D.C.

Why Choose Corporate Apartments in Washington DC?

Living the 'right way' in DC means staying in your ideal property, where you can feel at home with everything you need at your disposal. In the past, ordinary hotels and B&Bs have not offered that 'home away from home' that corporates crave. However, now, the emergence of more and more corporate apartments in Washington DC has meant bookers have had more high-quality options to choose from.

Situ's corporate housing in Washington DC is guaranteed to come with a well-equipped kitchen, on-site washing facilities, access to free Wifi, an allocated parking space and spacious dining and living areas. These guarantees already surpass what can be expected of stays at many other temporary housing options, which at priced at similar rates too!

As corporate apartment specialists, we offer both long and short term corporate housing in Washington DC throughout the city centre and across the outer regions to ensure our clients always have a serviced apartment option that can suit their business travel plans. Each of the fully furnished luxury apartments in Washington DC is unique too. Bookers can choose whether they'd rather have a garden, or a balcony, or en-suite bathrooms, or be based near a certain office building, or even a local supermarket.

Where is Washington DC?

If you didn't already know, Washington D.C is the capital city of the United States. Despite its status as one of the most significant capital cities in the world, only around 700,000 people call DC their home. Washington DC also only covers approximately 70 square miles of land.

It is located along the Potomac River and doesn't belong to one of the 50 US states. Instead, Washington DC, which is both formally and still sometimes known as the 'District of Columbia', is bordered by the US states of Maryland and Virginia. The nearest cities major cities are Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Richmond and Philadelphia; all of which are based just off the edge of the most northeastwardly region of the United States. New York City is no more than a four-hour car journey away.

The traffic isn't ideal in Washington DC, but the 'Capital Beltway', which is essentially the I-495 highway that encircles the city, connects various roads from all directions to the area, making it easy to access by car. Situ also has several serviced apartments in Washington DC near the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, ensuring corporates need not travel between arrival and departure flights.

Expats in Washington DC

Regardless of whether you are staying in long or short term furnished rentals in Washington DC, you'll realise within days of living there that the US capital is a great place for expats to be. After all, it’s no surprise when you remember three of America's most important buildings are based here; the White House, the Supreme Court and the Capitol building. The main industries that support the DC economy include the federal government, tourism, real estate, retail, media and technology. These are just a few of the sectors that DC businesses fall under, which highlights just how incredibly diversified the city's economy is, equating to a staggering $120 billion GDP. 

But what is it about Washington DC that makes it a really attractive place to do business, for the businessperson? Well, the fact that over 23 million people visit the Washington district every year is already a good reason for businesses to relocate here. Tourism is the second largest industry contributor to the local economy, and it encouraged around fifty businesses on the 'Fortune 500' list to make Washington DC their regional or national home.

It is not just major businesses that can profit though. Resource centres and organisations, such as the DC Chamber, ensure that all companies, big or small, get a voice and can participate in networking opportunities. Affordable office space and reduced tax rates, specific to each sector, allow new start-ups to comfortably work up from the bottom.

Generally, DC's business climate is very supportive too. Long-staying professionals have often praised the acknowledgement of equal rights from much of the very diverse, educated population in DC. To learn more about doing business in the US capital, check out this article from Fast Company. For information about various corporate apartments in Washington DC, get in touch with a member of the Situ team.

Washington DC Life

Whilst living in corporate housing in Washington DC, which is arguably the most influential and well-known capital city in the world may seem a little daunting, expats should know that area is in many ways actually quite welcoming. Yes, living costs may not exactly be cheap compared to the rest of the US, and yes, the federal government may have a strong influence across the city, but nevertheless, the 'District' also has a somewhat homely feel to it too.

Contributing to that are a couple of aspects of DC's environment. Studies have revealed that around 98% of locals in the city live within a ten-minute walk of a park, which would belong to a collective urban park system that has been ranked the best in the US. This is ideal when you consider that Washington has also previously performed well in studies that rank 'walkable urbanism'. Ultimately, the more people there are who are encouraged to walk, the less traffic and pollution there is, which bodes well for such a powerful, major city.

You don't need to rely on just walking to keep you occupied though, as after all, DC has some of America's most iconic buildings and structures. The Library of Congress (the world's largest), the White House, the US Capitol Hill building, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial - there's so much to see, it is a tourist's dream.

All of these great buildings as well numerous incredible museums such as the Smithsonian National Museum, the National Air and Space Museum and the Holocaust Memorial Museum, leave a lasting impression on expats who visit. Each site illustrates a part of American national history, whilst some are still hugely influential in modern-day life. We really recommend visiting any of these sites when you get the chance. Between sightseeing, countless different restaurants are specialising in different cuisines which can be enjoyed too, whether you are visiting with family or have a work meeting.

There's also the famous National Zoo which is adored by nature and animals lovers, whilst sports fans are spoilt for choice with the Washington Wizards, the Washington Nationals, the Washington Capitals and DC United all play their home games in stadiums within the city borders. We think it is clear that there's not a shortage of things to do near short term rentals or luxury apartments in Washington DC.


Washington DC Airports

Within the US capital, there are three major international airports. These are the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), the Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) and the Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI). The largest of these airports is just a ten-minute drive from the city centre, whilst the latter two airports are both around a 40 minute car journey away from the centre. Collectively, these airports support the travel of around 27 million passengers every year.

These airports are well spread out, covering the eastern, western and central regions of the city. They are also all well-connected with the city centre, making it especially easy for guests staying in centrally located short term housing or serviced apartments in Washington DC to travel to and from booked flights.

Washington Metro

Spanning across nearly 100 stations via six different lines, the Washington Metro serves the local district and several locations across Maryland and northern Virginia. It is the second busiest metro system in the country, with around 650,000 people using it every day.

Each metro line is defined by a colour; Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green and Silver. They are all different lengths and run in different directions. However, what they do all share in common is that they all pass through the city centre and the 'Metro Centre', but none of them has a terminus metro station in central Washington DC. Union Station is the busiest.

By Bus

The DC Metro is often hailed as the best mode of public transportation in the area. However, to get into the nooks and crannies of the city, perhaps where your corporate apartment in Washington DC might be, we recommend taking a bus. Together, the DC Metrobuses and DC Circulator fill in the gaps that the Metro cannot cover.

The Metrobus system is far larger and covers many more stops and routes. The Circulator instead sticks to a schedule that runs between the area's main attractions and popular locations. Altogether, over 120 million rides are taken on buses in DC each year.

Washington D.C. Faqs

Q. What are serviced apartments?


Serviced apartments can be described as more like ‘home away from homes’. Available for either short or long term corporate stays, serviced apartments are a form of fully furnished and facilitated housing that allows guests to live away from home throughout business trips, with easy access to everything they need.

Q. What facilities can I expect to find in corporate apartments in Washington DC?


Corporate guests staying in a serviced apartment in Washington DC can expect to have a range of home-like facilities at their disposal when they book a stay, with the minimum being, a fully equipped kitchen, Wi-Fi and internet access, a TV, laundry facilities, available parking and a housekeeping service.

Q. What is the difference between hotels and corporate apartments in Washington DC?


Unlike hotels, serviced apartments in Washington D.C are located, equipped and designed with corporate travellers in mind, including a range of home-like amenities complimented by hotel-like services.

Q. How much does it cost per night to stay in a serviced apartment in Washington DC?


Prices start from at least $145 per night at Avalon Gallery Place Apartments.

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