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Our luxury apartments in Massachusetts offer an unmatched experience, unlike what any other accommodation alternative can provide. Unlike a normal hotel, Situ's corporate housing in Massachusetts comes fully equipped with everything a visitor requires, enabling them to easily fulfil a comfortable self-catered lifestyle as part of their corporate trip to the ‘Bay State’.
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You don't need to look far to find luxury apartments in Massachusetts, the 'Bay State' that offers so much and leaves visitors only wanting to return once they've left.

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About Massachusetts

Why Choose Luxury Apartments in Massachusetts?

The right way to make any trip to Massachusetts worthwhile is staying in the perfect accommodation, which caters to your needs. Unlike ordinary hotels, Situ’s luxury apartments in Massachusetts come fully equipped with everything a corporate would need to fulfil a self-catered lifestyle. Each of the properties we source and offer comes with a fully equipped kitchen, on-site washing facilities, access to free Wi-Fi and high-speed internet, an allocated parking space and spacious living and dining areas.

Bookers can opt to add extra features to their stay too, as they might want an en-suite bathroom, a garden area, or a balcony, or even on-site restaurants or gyms to help you pass the free time without having to leave your accommodation.

However, all of our corporate housing in Massachusetts is based with corporates in mind, offering them to stay in city centres or in more suburban, quieter locations, if they’d prefer. All in all, when it comes to serviced apartments, the possibilities are endless, and that’s the way world-class temporary housing should be.

Where is Massachusetts?

Massachusetts can be found in the New England region of the United States. It is the most populous state within this north-eastern region, ahead of Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. New Hampshire borders Massachusetts to the north, whilst Rhode Island and Connecticut border to the south. New York borders the state to the west whilst the eastern border of Massachusetts looks out on the North Atlantic Ocean.

The capital city of the state is Boston, which also has the largest population of any city in New England. Despite that, the state population is spread across various different cities and towns such as Worcester, Springfield, Pittsfield and Taunton. Overall Massachusetts has a population of around 7 million, whilst Boston’s is only around 700,000.

There are several ways to get in, out and around Massachusetts, but arrivals from overseas typically come via airports. There are many regional and smaller airports dotted across the state, including the Provincetown Municipal Airport on the tip of the beautiful Cape Cod (well worth flying from if you get a chance!). However, the main hotspot for arrivals is the Boston Logan International Airport based on the city’s eastern shoreline, thus making nearby corporate housing in Massachusetts incredibly popular.

Business in Massachusetts

Expats exploring the possibility of travelling to the US for business reasons will be encouraged by the economic climate of Massachusetts. The state’s economy is held in high regard due to flexibility and openness to a wide range of industries and their potential for development. In the last decade though, the economy has been largely focused on tourism and technological sectors. It’s across these industries that the state has seen a great number of start-ups emerge, alongside the major headquarters of companies such as Dell, Staples and General Electric, who call Massachusetts their home.

There are several incentive programs for new businesses to take advantage of too. The main schemes to be aware of are the EDIPC and EOAC, which encourage businesses to leverage tax incentives, benefit from tax breaks, and receive additional credit, in exchange for stimulating job creation and expanding business development. What’s more, unemployment rates are low and the supply of up-and-coming skilled workers is high too. The state benefits from a strong transport infrastructure too, especially in cities such as Boston which is compact and well connecting with the surrounding region. Boston, specifically, is also considered an American ‘Gateway to Europe’ on the border of the Atlantic ocean. Its location and proximity to key surrounding areas are just some of the reasons why the capital of Massachusetts has previously been named the No.1 start-up hub in the United States.

Ultimately, whatever the reason you have for visiting the state, whether it is for a small networking event or to relocate your company, remember that there are many high-standard, corporate long and short term rentals in Massachusetts available that can accommodate your business travel needs.

Expats living in Massachusetts

Making the move to Massachusetts and staying in Massachusetts accommodation means joining a diverse, proud community. The people benefit from a relatively low cost of living compared to the rest of the country, especially regarding healthcare which is around 20% lower than the US average. Massachusetts is also deemed to be a focal point of the New England region, acting almost as a hub where some of the area’s most prominent cities such as Boston are located. Combine low living costs with an eclectic environment at the centre of all regional development, and you have a place to live that is essentially ideal for the average corporate.

There’s plenty of things to see and do in the state as well, all within proximity of various fully furnished apartments in Massachusetts. History enthusiasts will be inundated with different museums and historic sites to see. The Museum of Science, the Museum of Fine Arts, the JFK Presidential Library and Museum, the Freedom Trail and the Boston Common are just a few examples of places in the state that beautifully exemplify both local and national history.

The Freedom Trail is definitely recommended if you want to learn more about colonial America, as it connects over 15 of the state’s most iconic historical landmarks. One iconic spot it does miss though is Fenway Park, the beloved, historic home of the famous Boston Red Sox, which sports fans will certainly appreciate as the home of baseball. Massachusetts is also blessed with great scenery and an array of stunning views. We’d be here all day if we were to describe them all, but particularly worthy of note is the beaches along Cape Cod. The lovely white beaches which span over 500 miles along the Cod peninsula are loved by the locals and are hotbeds of tourism all year round, with around four million people visiting each year.

Other picturesque spots across the state include Martha’s Vineyard, the Harvard Square around the famous university, the colourful Boston Common and the Minute Man National Historical Park. All of these attractions, as well as all the perks of being a state citizen, can be at your fingertips when you stay in a luxury apartment in Massachusetts. Browse from the Situ range and find the perfect place for you to enjoy a life of business.


Airports in Massachusetts

There are various airports dotted across the state, especially on the eastern side. Easily the largest and busiest though is the Boston Logan International Airport, which supports the travel of around 13 million people every year. It has six runways, is the largest airport in the New England region and is ideally only a six-minute drive from the Boston city centre.

There are many regional airports that can be travelled to and from as well, such as Worcester Airport, Pepperell Airport, Norwood Memorial or Manchester Boston Regional Airport. These are perfect for those business people staying in corporate housing in Massachusetts’ outskirt areas, who also maybe plan to travel domestically across the state and slightly beyond.

Public Transport in Massachusetts

There are 16 different transport authorities that operate across the whole of Massachusetts, providing a wide range of bus and train (mostly overground, but some underground) services throughout both the various major cities and small villages. The MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority) are the main provider in the region, supporting the city of Boston with a wide array of transport options. Amtrak is the main railway provider in the state too.

For more information about public transport in Massachusetts, be sure to visit the website. There you can learn more about transport schedules, maps and the different authorities across the state.

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