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Situ’s selection of serviced apartments in Dusseldorf has been chosen especially for those travelling for business. Experience a relaxing home-from-home in our Dusseldorf accommodation where guests can enjoy a fully-equipped kitchen, a comfortable bed, and a private and flexible space. Our serviced apartments in Dusseldorf are conveniently located and have everything that the corporate traveller needs for a successful trip.
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Situ Serviced Apartments in Dusseldorf


Explore your opportunities in Germany from Dusseldorf, an ideal starting point to discover Western Europe.

About Dusseldorf

Why Choose Serviced Apartments in Düsseldorf?

Our fully serviced apartments in Dusseldorf are a versatile solution for a business visit as well as serving as the first accommodation for relocated professionals.

We offer a balanced combination of facilities for work. All apartments are modern and trendy, with a spacious working area, a desk, and enough room for all modern gadgets. There is also a reliable internet connection for distance working. Check out the option of aparthotels in Düsseldorf for privacy, a home-from-home feel, as well as an on-site gym.

A well-equipped kitchen and access to quality laundry services add to the comfort of your stay. Contact our team for any special arrangements or to discuss the availability and facilities of our serviced apartments in Düsseldorf.


Where is Düsseldorf?

Düsseldorf lies in the centre of Western Europe. It forms part of the prosperous Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area that also includes Duisburg and Dortmund. France, Belgium, and Switzerland are only a short drive away, and weekend breaks in Paris, Brussels, or Amsterdam are easily arranged.

The city is well connected to the rest of the country by a network of motorways and an impeccable train service. Follow motorway A3 for 25 kilometres to Duisburg and for 45 kilometres to Cologne. The A44 and A45 cross the city from east to west.

The border with the Netherlands is only 50 kilometres away to the west. German is the national language and is used for all communication. Use euros for all cash and card payments.

Invest in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is the autonomous capital of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It lies in the heart of the historically prosperous metropolitan area of Rhine and Ruhr. Düsseldorf offers easy access to over 10 million potential customers.

The area has excellent connections to the major concentration of purchasing power in Europe, including Brussels, London, and Berlin.

The city offers excellent logistics thanks to its central location and comprehensive transport infrastructure. There is an international airport, four river ports for cargo, and a supreme motorway network. This makes Düsseldorf an ideal base for doing business in continental Europe. Over 30% of the population of the EU live within a 500-kilometre radius of Düsseldorf.

In addition, Düsseldorf is gradually becoming a prominent innovation centre and a hotspot for the digital economy. Tech giants and big IT names have established offices here. IT and tech start-ups are flourishing, relying on the well-established infrastructure of business incubators and trade events.

The week-long Startup-Woche brings together aspiring entrepreneurs and their potential investors and business experts. Many trade conferences are held to inspire innovation and share expertise in the field.

The recent progress of Düsseldorf in technology and industry requires qualified employees. The metropole offers 37 private universities and 35 public universities. These train world-class professionals in science, IT and design, engineering, and cleantech. The majority of staff are either multilingual or confident users of English for business communication.

Other prosperous spheres of business in Düsseldorf are advertising and design, and copyright and patent management.

Düsseldorf is also known as the German fashion capital. The real estate market in Düsseldorf is growing steadily. Property prices tend to fluctuate very little, with an incremental tendency to grow around 2% to 5% annually.

Choose one of Situ’s serviced apartments in Düsseldorf to make the most of your time at work here.


Living in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is the seventh-largest city in Germany.

Düsseldorf was recently rated sixth in terms of overall quality of life in the world. This is thanks to its excellent infrastructure and a flexible and dynamic job market. It is also due to the city's reasonable cost of living, and a vibrant cultural scene. The overall cost of living is noticeably lower than in Munich, Frankfurt, or Berlin.

The city is compact and the traffic flows easily, so commuting never takes too long. The tempo of life is lower than in most large capitals, and you will not find overwhelming crowds. At the same time, the city has a lot to offer for work.

The international community in Düsseldorf is varied and inclusive. As a result, locals and visitors can taste the most exotic world cuisines, from Georgian to Ghanaian. Düsseldorf is also home to the third-largest Japanese community in Europe, centred mainly around the Japanese quarter on Oststrasse. 

A younger crowd enjoys the vibrant nightlife of Düsseldorf. At weekends, the old town is crowded with party-goers enjoying its bars and nightclubs, including the world’s longest bar. A chain of bars connected to one another allows guests to walk from one to another without going outside.

Düsseldorf hosts regular festivals throughout the year. ‘Karneval’ is among the most prominent and spectacular carnivals in Europe. Seasonal fairs are followed by ethnic festivals, such as the Day of Japan and the Day of France.

 Choosing a serviced apartment or an aparthotel in Dusseldorf will help you enjoy your trip here to the fullest.


By Air

Düsseldorf international airport is the third-largest in the country and is convenient for the city centre. There are 65 airlines providing regular flights to over 180 destinations worldwide. These serve over 22 million passengers and move 90,000 tons of cargo annually.

Driving to the airport takes around 10 minutes. Regular buses take passengers to the city within 15 minutes.

A train ride will take just under 15 minutes. Passengers benefit from regular connections from the airport to other German cities, and to Belgium and the Netherlands.

By Rail

City transport in Düsseldorf comes under the united Rhinebahn brand. An ample network of public transport in Düsseldorf includes buses, trams, and trains. The nearest cities are Cologne, Duisburg, Dortmund, and Essen. Low-cost operators offer excellent deals for frequent short-distance commuting.

Rail transport includes intercity trains, trams, and the underground. Tickets can be bought from machines at tram stops and underground stations, railway stations, and tourist information centres. Any kiosk and corner shop that has a Rheinbahn logo will sell tickets as well. You can buy tickets from drivers on board, but the fare will be higher.

By Bus and Coach

Several lines of buses and trams connect all the main city areas and suburbs. Fares depend on the travel zones. Düsseldorf city is in central zone A and its suburbs are zone B. Multiple tickets for ten rides are also available.

Passengers don’t need to show their ticket as they board, but ticket inspectors often board mid-trip to check. Buy a ticket beforehand or from the vending machine on board and validate it, as fines can be hefty.

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