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Serviced apartments in Munich offer much more than standard hotels with regard to location, comfort and convenience. Serviced accommodation and expat housing in Munich are located, designed and equipped with the intention of catering for a corporate visiting the city. Guests in these properties rest assured knowing that their visit to Munich is complete with a stay in their very own ‘home away from home’.
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About Munich


Blessed with a rich history, a unique character, and a profitable business climate, Munich is rightly among Europe’s most popular cities. To top it off, the amazing range of serviced apartments in Munich make it even easier to relocate here.

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About Munich

Why Choose Serviced Apartments in Munich?

A common question that comes from business travellers who are looking for accommodation in Munich is; what makes serviced accommodation that much better than a standard hotel room or B&B? To answer that simply, serviced apartments in Munich offer an unmatched level of independence, comfort and convenience to a stay, incomparable with other accommodation alternatives. All of Situ’s serviced accommodation and expat housing in Munich comes with fully equipped kitchens, laundry amenities, spacious work, bedroom and living areas, air conditioning, internet access, free Wi-Fi and a guarantee of some form of housekeeping service to compliment your stay.

The idea behind these properties is that they cater to a corporate that wants to live a self-catered lifestyle, without the hassle that sometimes comes with hotel bookings. Corporates looking to either visit or relocate to the city can be sure that luxury apartments and aparthotels in Munich are well-located too, within walking distance of industrial zones, transport facilities or business venues. Whether guests want to be on the outskirts or in the centre of Munich, this range of accommodation gives the traveller the option to stay as close to where they need to be as possible for their business schedule.

All in all, luxury serviced apartments in Munich offer all of this convenience within want a corporate expat can call their own ‘home away from home’.

Business in Munich

It’s not just the tourist attractions and lifestyle in the city that are great; the economy and potential for business success make moving to Munich hugely attractive too. Whilst Munich is quite clearly the economic heart of southern Germany, it’s economy, built on service, high-tech, engineering and automobile sectors, is also regarded as one of the most prominent in Europe. After all, nearly 10% of the largest companies in Germany, such as Siemens, BMW and Allianz, have their headquarters in Munich, which also has the highest purchasing power of all German cities.

Despite all of the talk of how great the Munich economy is in comparison to other European major cities, it’s what is happening on the ground for everyday corporates that defines whether the city is good for business and the working lifestyle. The last decade has only seen the city rank impressively as one of the most economically growing cities in Europe and also has the lowest unemployment rate in Germany.

Munich has managed to both maintain economic stability through the rough times and grow over years thanks to an economy that is built on a range of companies, from start-ups to multinational companies, a diverse set of industries and a dedicated workforce that continues to be churned out of the educational institutions such as the different Munich Universities. We could go on forever about the potential for doing great business in Munich, but ultimately, the best way for corporates to experience the business lifestyle is to book stays in furnished apartments in Munich and see it for themselves.

Where is Munich?

Munich is one of the country’s biggest and most visited cities, based in southern Germany. Whilst it is not the capital city in Germany, Munich is the capital of the state of Bavaria, where it is also the most populous city. The Munich population of just over 1.5 million people reside within this landlocked Bavarian state that makes up around a fifth of the country’s total land area.

Despite being on the other side of Germany and the capital, Berlin, Munich is still within proximity of many other important destinations and is well connected to and from them. For instance, to the north-east of Munich are the cities Stuttgart and Augsburg which are around 150 miles and 50 miles away respectively, there’s Nuremberg which is just over 100 miles away to the north, and the borders of Austria and Switzerland which are only around 90 miles and 155 miles away from Munich.

It is no surprise either that a huge seventy million people visit Munich each year with the city being so accessible. The motorways or the ‘autobahns’ as they are known in Germany, running in and out of the city are very beneficial. Autobahns 8, 9, 92, 94, 95, 96 and 99 all contribute to the fantastic road network that connects the city centre to destinations far beyond Munich.

Let’s not forget either the major international Munich Airport that connects tourists and corporates to locations all over the world all year round or the popular ‘U’ and ‘S’ Bahn railway services that facilitate easy travel across the city and to other German regions. Ultimately, the transport infrastructure here means getting to and from the city is easy, whilst self-catering apartments in Munich make staying in the Bavarian capital easy too.

Living in Munich

The way of life and culture in Munich is distinctive and unlike anywhere else. Even compared to other German cities, Munich truly is its own city, and whether guests are staying alone in a studio apartment in Munich or in long-term family-friendly accommodation, there is something for everyone who visits to do.

It would not be right to not start though with the famous Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival held in Munich. Even if your business plans don’t line up with the dates of this incredible event (held from mid-September to early October every year), it is well worth scheduling another trip just for this event because it really is the pinnacle showcase of German culture.

Each year six million people attend what is such an important part of Bavarian culture, just to drink beer and embrace the cultural festivities that are so popular with people all over the globe. Beer-drinking culture doesn’t stop at Oktoberfest though. There are beer halls such as Hofbräuhaus, Augustiner-Keller and Paulaner Bräuhaus which can be visited whenever you fancy a classic German drink.

Munich also has some iconic sites that history enthusiasts might enjoy. There’s the St Peter’s Church which is the oldest of its kind in Munich and is regarded as the place where it all began for the city’s community centuries ago. Or you could admire the beauty of the 1800s bronze Bavaria Statue which is a true centrepiece of Bavarian history. Furthermore, there are many beautiful parks in the city where visitors can relax and enjoy the outdoors, including the Luitpoldpark, the English Garden and the Botanical Gardens.

Whichever way corporates or tourists what to make the most of their free time in the city, booking a stay in any of the expat housing or serviced apartments in Munich that we have on offer can place you within walking distance of some of the city’s biggest and best attractions.


Munich International Airport (MUC)

Munich Airport, or as it is known locally as ‘Flughafen München’, is the only international airport in the city. It is the ninth busiest in Europe and the second busiest in Germany, only behind Frankfurt airport. On average, Munich Airport supports the travel of just under 50 million passengers each year.

This airport is around twenty-five miles north-east of Munich city centre in between the towns of Freising and Erding. To and from the airport and serviced apartments in Munich there are many operating train services, bus lines and taxi companies available, all of which can ensure straightforward to where you need to be before or after a flight.

The Munich ‘U-Bahn’

The underground network in Munich known as the ‘U-Bahn’ is extensive, running across eight lines which collectively arrive at almost 100 stations in the city. These trains are blue and white.

The underground services are primarily used as connectors to the different attractions and large venues as the stations often tend to be near the city hotspots. They also run regularly, especially during rush hours, and work well alongside other modes of transport, such as the ‘S-Bahn’.

‘S-Bahn’ Munich Train Stations

The Munich ‘S-Bahn’ is the network of overground train lines that run throughout the city centre and suburbs. These trains also operate across eight lines but join via a single central line before branching outwards to other regional locations. These trains are red and black.

These ‘commuter trains’ are very regular and run useful services to destinations way beyond the city centre, such as Freising, Erding, Strasberg, Dachau, Olching, Ebersberg, Vatterstetten and many more. To learn more about the railway network and other public transport in Munich be sure to visit the MVV website.

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Munich Faqs

Q. How many serviced apartments are available for bookings in Munich?


We have over 20 different serviced apartments in Munich available to be booked. Each property it's own unique facilities and features, perfect for those who want to explore a range of options. Anyone can either enquire about these serviced accommodation options or book them instantly online!

Q. How much does it cost to spend a night in a serviced apartment in Munich?


You can expect to pay between 40 and 220 for one night in a serviced apartment in Munich. The Residence Inn Munich City East serviced apartment costs just £100 a night and is just a ten-minute taxi drive from the Munich city centre.

Q. What is included in a serviced apartment in Munich?


Anyone who books a stay in a serviced apartment in Munich can expect to have a range of home-like facilities available to them. A guest can expect to at least have a well-equipped kitchen, free Wi-Fi and internet access, a TV, washing facilities, and available parking. Our suppliers have to provide a minimum bi-weekly housekeeping service too.

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