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Our range of luxury serviced apartments in Canary Wharf have been handpicked with business travellers in mind. Corporates can enjoy the luxury of a fully-equipped kitchen, a comfortable bed and a home-away-from-home while they are away from theirs. Situ's corporate, high-quality Canary Wharf apartments are located close to the city centre too, and bookers can even enter addresses into our website to check travel times between work locations and their property.
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About Canary Wharf


Canary Wharf is one of London's prime destinations in the United Kingdom. It is one of London's most desirable areas for business, an important part of London's financial heart, with an iconic building at its centre. Although it's a famous area for business opportunity, there is more to Canary Wharf than bankers and towers. Our extended stay apartments or short-term accommodation allow you to experience places to visit in Canary Wharf and the wider area.

About Canary Wharf

Why Choose Serviced Apartments in Canary Wharf?

Serviced apartments in Canary Wharf offer a unique blend of convenience and luxury comfort, appealing to business travellers and visitors. These accommodations stand out as a preferred choice for Canary Wharf apartments for several reasons.

Canary Wharf serviced apartments are in the heart of London's financial district. Offering just minute walks to major corporate offices or small business office spaces. This proximity is ideal for business travellers who need to stay close to their workplace while enjoying the vibrant lifestyle of Canary Wharf.

Canary Wharf luxury apartments offer sophistication and a comfortable atmosphere. They cater to those who seek a higher standard of living, combining elegant interiors with breathtaking views of the cityscape.

A significant advantage of staying in these apartments is the presence of fully equipped kitchens. This feature is particularly beneficial for extended stays, providing guests with the flexibility to cook and dine according to their preferences, a homely comfort that's invaluable for those on longer business trips.

Understanding the needs of modern travellers, these furnished apartments come with high-speed Wi-Fi for social media and work, and a range of amenities. This ensures that guests can stay connected for work or personal purposes, making their stay as productive and comfortable as possible.

Whether it's a short-term or an extended stay, Canary Wharf serviced apartments offer a unique living experience. From the moment you step inside, the focus is on providing a seamless and luxurious stay, with all the comforts of home and the added benefits of top-notch services.

Choosing Situ's serviced apartments in Canary Wharf means opting for a lifestyle that harmonizes professional and personal needs. With their strategic location, luxurious amenities, fully equipped kitchens, and modern comforts, these apartments offer an unparalleled living experience in one of London's most dynamic districts.

Where is Canary Wharf?

Nestled in London’s Docklands, Canary Wharf stands on the edge of the city’s bustling centre. Its historical roots date back to the late 1500s when the London ports buzzed with maritime activity. The area saw immense growth with the opening of West India Docks in the early 1800s, lauded as a marvel of civil engineering.

Despite facing economic challenges in the 1970s, Canary Wharf has emerged as a symbol of resilience and prosperity, with West India Quay making it an ideal location for both business and leisure in this area of London e14.

Canary Wharf Businesses

Home to some of the world's most influential companies, Canary Wharf is a hub of business opportunity. The district boasts approximately 105,000 professionals with significant representation in the financial sector.

Iconic structures like One Canada Square, also known as Canary Wharf Tower, once London’s tallest building, epitomize the district's economic significance. This backdrop makes Canary Wharf a strategic choice for business travellers seeking serviced apartments that blend convenience with luxury.

Things to Do in Canary Wharf

Beyond its skyscrapers, Canary Wharf is a treasure trove of leisure activities. With over 300 shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants spread across five shopping malls, such as Cabot Square and Tower Hamlets, it offers a diverse cultural experience. Highlights include Canada Square Park, known for summer concerts and a winter ice-skating rink, and the Museum of London Docklands, where entry is free.

Canary Wharf is home to many must-see attractions, and Situ offers a range of serviced accommodations in close proximity to these sites, ensuring your trip is as convenient as it is entertaining. Browse the above Canary Wharf accommodation to see all that the area has to offer when you book with Situ.


Thames Clippers (River Bus)

These clippers operate four peak services per hour to Canary Wharf pier from Central London (Waterloo) and Woolwich.

From both these locations it takes around 30 minutes to reach the pier.

Docklands Light Railway

Those choosing to make use of our Canary Wharf serviced apartments still have easy access to the rest of London through The Docklands Light Railway.

The DLR network runs predominantly throughout the morning and the railway has 45 stations.

London City Airport

Less than 3 miles away from Canary Wharf, this airport provides flights to 50 different destinations worldwide.

Check-in time is only twenty minutes and its ideally located for those travelling to and from London and Greater London.

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