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Expat housing in Amsterdam is the go-to accommodation choice for both professionals and tourists. Guests can enjoy the luxury of having their home-away-from-home in America’s third-largest city, fully-equipped and more accommodating than a standard hotel room. There are serviced apartments in Amsterdam both in the city centre and on the outer countryside regions, giving visitors here plenty of choices.
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About Amsterdam


It might not be the largest capital in the world but what’s within Amsterdam’s borders that is unlike any other major city. It’s just as well the high-quality expat housing in Amsterdam lives up to expectation as well.

About Amsterdam

Why Choose Serviced Apartments in Amsterdam?

Visitors to new locations have tended to book stays in average, cheap hotels in Amsterdam as they believe it to be the most convenient option. However, this could not be further from the truth, especially when booking serviced apartments and expat housing in Amsterdam.

Unlike standard hotel rooms, luxury serviced apartments in Amsterdam are truly designed and equipped with the guest in mind. Corporate travellers staying in the properties listed above this guide have everything they need at their disposal. This includes fully equipped kitchens, access to free Wi-Fi, in-apartments laundry facilities, entitlement to a housekeeping service, spacious living and bedroom areas and much more.

The finest long term rentals in Amsterdam offer all of these aspects and much more depending on what guests require from their stay. Corporates can also pick from a range of either long or short term expat housing in Amsterdam in a location that suits them and their business travel arrangements. Situ's online availability means bookings can be completed at the click of a button too before visiting Amsterdam.

Where is Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and home to the country’s largest city population of over 800,000. The city is based in the Dutch Western region and the North Holland province, with other major cities such as The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht all just a few hours car journey away to the south.

Perhaps the most known aspect of Amsterdam’s location, however, is the iconic canal system that passes through the city. It is the canal that has gifted the city its nickname, ‘Venice of the North’. There are over 60 miles of canals in Amsterdam which collectively connect to the River Amstel which flows in the south of the city.

Covering no more than 90 square miles, Amsterdam is split into seven city districts; Centre, Nieuw-West, Noord, Oost, West, Zuid and Zuidoost. Below Nieuw-West and to the left of Amstelveen is Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, country’s main international airport. It is by far the easiest way to get into the capital from overseas and it is for this reason that more and more serviced apartments in Amsterdam have been emerging nearby the airport.

As for the roads in the capital, there is the A10 motorway which is the ring road around the city which is connected to by the A8, A5, A4, A2 and A1 motorways, all of which make up one of Europe’s most dense road networks.

Expats in Amsterdam

At the forefront of the Netherlands’ economic successes and framework is the contributions of Amsterdam’s economy, built mainly on the sectors of science, technology, finance, entertainment and hospitality. In the last few years, the economy of the capital has been amongst the fast-growing in Europe too and is experiencing growth higher than what’s seen in the rest of the country.

But why is it that so many people travel for work or even just business events in Amsterdam? Well, even those corporates who book short stays in Amsterdam apartments soon realise that city boasts a great work-life balance with there being such great support for not just start-ups and business, but also regarding healthcare, families and much more.

It’s worth considering as well the cost of living and conducting business; both of which are respectable compared to other major cities. The costs of office space, transportation and long-term accommodation stays are attractive and make the city one of the most profitable in the world for start-ups.

Amsterdam’s connectivity is impressive too. There’s, of course, the award-winning ‘gateway into Europe’, the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, but also railway connections to other international major cities and the Port of Amsterdam, one of the largest ports in Europe. Ultimately getting in, out and around the city is easy and is so important for corporates looking to conduct business efficiently. It’s also no wonder as well that Amsterdam hosts so many world-leading business events and conferences all year round.

To find about all things business and the economy of Amsterdam, we recommend visiting the ‘Do Business’ section of the Iamsterdam website. For all your queries regarding expat housing in Amsterdam, however, get in contact with a member of the Situ team.

Living in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is easily one of the most culturally and demographically diverse cities in the country. Thanks to its long and rich history, the university and various places to study, the range of business opportunities and the many iconic attractions, all year round Amsterdam is populated by an extremely diverse group of people looking for many different things. It is this population, made up of over 180 different nationalities, that also benefit from one of the best cost of living rates in Europe.

Restaurants, places to shop, theatres, concert venues, museums, cafés are plentiful across Amsterdam. Collectively these all make up such a distinctive atmosphere, unlike any other city in the country.

As well as all that it’s hard to forget both the beautiful canal views that are so adored by locals and tourists alike as well as the very unique cycling culture. For each person in Amsterdam there are around 2.5 bikes, and with there being umpteen cycle lanes it is no shock that cycling is preferred over driving in the city. Therefore, pollution is not as much of an issue in the centre of Amsterdam either!

Some of the biggest attractions visitors may want to be close to when choosing which Amsterdam accommodation to book include; Anne Frank’s House, the Rijksmuseum, Vondelpark, the Royal Palace, the Van Gogh Museum, the Heineken Experience and the famous Red Light District. These are all fantastic sites and each offer something unique and different, unlike any other city can offer.

If the urbanity does start to get a bit too much though, take a short journey to the beautiful countryside regions just outside the capital where you can enjoy beaches, quaint towns and the famously stunning windmills. Ultimately, to see all of this from the comfort of a ‘home away from home’ be sure to stay in a Situ aparthotel in Amsterdam city centre.


Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS)

Schiphol Airport is the main international airport in the Netherlands and is just 10 kilometres south-west of Amsterdam. It is one of busiest airports in the world, serving over seventy million passengers each year.

The airport is, therefore, perfect for corporates staying in expat housing in Amsterdam’s centre. To get from Schiphol to the city centre travellers can either take a short train or bus journey or even book a quick taxi all for a very cheaply.

Amsterdam Centraal Station

Across the Dutch capital there are ten different train stations, with the primary station being Amsterdam Central. Overall, travelling by train is popular amongst both locals and visitors to the city due to the great connections the network has with not only the airport but regions all over the country and even to neighbouring countries such as Belgium, Germany and France.

To plan your train journey and to get more information on tickets, schedules and much more, be sure to visit the website.

Public Transport in Amsterdam

The best way to utilise all public transport in Amsterdam is by getting an OV chip card which entitles cardholders to unlimited use of trams, buses and metros. By buying a day ticket in advance you can travel however you like across Amsterdam for the day at and saves the hassle of having multiple tickets.

Our wide range of luxury apartments in Amsterdam allows you to be picky about where you stay, choosing a ‘home away from home’ that could leave you a minutes walk away from where you need to catch public transport.

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Amsterdam Faqs

Q. What is a typical nightly rate of serviced apartment in Amsterdam?


For the serviced accommodation we offer, you can expect to pay between €75 and €259 per night. Our cheapest option, the Houthaven Suites Apartments, are based just a 20-minute drive from the Amsterdam city centre.

Q. Which serviced apartments in Amsterdam are highly-rated?


The Wittenberg by Cove Apartments and the Zoku Amsterdam Apartments have review star ratings of over 4.5 stars. They are also both available to be booked instantly online.

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