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Discover exceptional serviced apartments in Bulgaria, offering comfortable corporate accommodation for business travellers. Enjoy a convenient stay with a range of amenities and personalized services. Whether you're in Sofia, Plovdiv, or Varna, our serviced apartments provide a seamless experience, allowing you to focus on your business commitments while enjoying the beauty and rich culture of Bulgaria. Experience comfort and convenience in our serviced apartments selected for the needs of business travellers.
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Rich in heritage and proud of its broad cultural diversity, Bulgaria attracts over ten million foreign business travellers each year. Benefitting from its predominantly sunny weather and crossroad geographical position between Europe and Asia, Bulgaria is a popular destination for corporate travellers.

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About Bulgaria

Embracing the Black Sea coastline, its collection of forests and winding rivers, Bulgaria is attractive for its landscape alone. The central Balkan Mountains, the Danube river, Europe’s second longest river, connecting to the beautiful Black Sea coastline all collectively contribute to Bulgaria’s reputation as having its own landmarks.

Most of Bulgaria’s seven million people are descendants of the state existing in 681AD. Since, Bulgaria’s people have managed to establish empires, experience short-lived dominance and become victim to several brutal invasions. More recently though, Bulgaria spent time as Nazi-controlled territory and almost half a century as a Soviet totalitarian state. Despite this, modern-day Bulgaria now engages with the wider world. It’s NATO entry in 2004 and joining of the EU in 2007 have made Bulgaria more interactive with Europe and the rest of the world.


With this EU membership, Bulgaria’s visa requirements are similar to any other member state. Visitors from the likes of the UK, Australia, and the USA do not need a visa to enter Bulgaria. Be sure to check for the list of countries whose citizens do, and do not require visas for entry to Bulgaria.

The currency of Bulgaria is the Bulgarian Lev (BGN). Made up of one hundred stotinki, just like the British pound is made up of one hundred pence, the Lev is on a fixed rate of around 1.95 to one euro and 2.24 to one pound sterling. Since the Soviet influence, Bulgaria’s economy has demonstrated strong growth. After reforms in the 1990s, the state has moved from being centralized towards a more liberal, market-driven economy. Despite Bulgaria’s economic setbacks of previous decades, the country still acts as a useful crossroad state between European and Asian business. You can book serviced accommodation in Bulgaria to suit your own business journey.  

It’s important to be aware of Bulgaria’s recent issues with fraud crime and corruption over recent years. Particularly involving purchases of property. Bulgarian authorities also treat offences relating to disorderly behaviour rather seriously. You should avoid taking photographs in potentially sensitive places, such as military institutions. You could also receive a fine for covering your face in any way with garments whilst in public places or on public transport, as it is illegal. For more information on Bulgarian law such as public attitudes towards sexuality, visit


As in most EU countries, you drive on the right side of the road in Bulgaria. However, you should be aware of the generally poor road conditions and lack of markings for lanes. Although speed cameras are no longer required by law, you should still be aware of the speed limits, such as the 30mph limit in urban, built-up areas. Or if you wish to travel via taxi, fares range from 1 to 4 Leva, depending on the season and the busyness of your location.

Whilst travelling through the country, why not visit perhaps Bulgaria’s most famous tourist destination, Sunny Beach. Stretching for eight kilometres along the Black Sea coast, the beach is renowned for its cleanliness and perfect swimming conditions. The range of accommodation nearby, including serviced apartments, ensure that Sunny Beach is lively both day and night. Bulgaria’s arguably most well-known green space is Pirin National Park. Regarded as a national treasure, this national park includes seventy glacial lakes, stunning waterfalls and numerous cycle paths. Choose your serviced accommodation wisely and you can be close to this charming National Park.

Both the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and Thracian Tomb of Sveshtari optimise Bulgaria’s broad history, both from modern and ancient eras. Built by 1912 on behalf of fallen Russian soldiers fighting for Bulgaria’s freedom, the cathedral is ornately detailed and beautifully constructed. Whereas, the Tomb of Sveshtari dates to the 3rd century BC. The interior is wonderfully well preserved and represents one of the only buildings which express Sveshtari’s magnificent architecture.

Bulgaria acts as a fantastic stop-off for south-east European business travel. With stunning scenery and its convenient access to its bordering countries, Bulgaria and its serviced accommodation provide travellers with all the essentials of a fulfilling and relaxed business trip.


Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ)

This state railway company is the largest railway carrier in the country. Spanning over 4000km of rail track, the network connects passengers to Bulgaria’s neighbouring countries and its most sizeable towns and cities.

Sofia Airport

Bulgaria’s main international airport surpassed six million passengers for the first time last year, despite being one of the smallest capital city airports in Europe.

Sofia’s airport is only 10 kilometres and a twenty-minute drive from the city centre. A taxi ride from the airport to the city centre should cost between 14 to 20 Lev.

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