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Experience the epitome of corporate accommodation in Italy with Situ. Discover exquisite serviced apartments, self-catering options, and convenient aparthotels tailored for business travel. Immerse yourself in the comfort and flexibility of fully furnished apartments, equipped with modern amenities and designed to meet the needs of corporate travelers. Enjoy the perfect balance between work and relaxation during your stay in Italy, making Situ your ideal choice for exceptional corporate accommodations.
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About Italy


In recent years Italy has ranked in the top five European countries for the number of nights spent there by foreigners. It comes as no surprise, with the country beaming with cultural exclusivity, regional diversity, and a prosperous economy. Business travellers are recognising Italy’s positive traits and are causing demand for Italian serviced apartments.

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About Italy

Italy is in southwestern Europe, housing over sixty million people. Its peninsula is boot-shaped and stretches out into the Mediterranean Sea. Its north side, on the other hand, is bordered by France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. The north also consists of part of the most extensive and highest mountain range system that lies only in Europe, the Alps. The capital, Rome, distinctively surrounds the independent city-state known as Vatican City, the smallest country by landmass. Italian landscape and climate are diverse depending on where you go, which makes exploring Italy so interesting.

Italy’s history has been labelled with continuous aspects of division and separation. Between the earliest days of the Roman Empire and the formation of the democratic republic in the mid-twentieth century, there were rarely aspects of unity and togetherness. The country’s ideal sea trading routes and bordered geography within Europe meant foreign influence was regular and common. Napoleon’s kingdom of Italy and Mussolini’s fascist dictatorship are just two prominent examples of this internal division and foreign interference.  Modern Italy, however, is different. Its influence on the rest of Europe is astronomical, particularly regarding cuisine, art and fashion. An increasing tourist population has also boosted its now strong, diverse economy.


Despite Italy’s ever-changing history, foreign relationships and political climate, the country is now experiencing a period of peace and happiness. The people embrace a high standard of living and developed culture. It now has the third-largest economy in the Eurozone and the twelfth largest GDP worldwide. Its fortunate geographical position, occupying the very centre of the EU with many profitable borders, entices international businesspeople. The diverse economy and vibrant sectors such as tourism and fashion offer plenty of opportunities for investment. Despite a period of economic struggle for Italy, the country has always been promising for investment and still maintains a strong, open economy.


Nationals of all but one EU country, the US, Canada and Australia do not require a visa. EU nationals can stay in Italy for an unlimited time, whilst the others mentioned can stay for three months before extending. Residents of the countries not mentioned are advised to contact the Italian embassy for more details.

With the preservation of Italy’s backdrop being imperative, you can expect to encounter some very particular laws. Littering would likely grant you a fine, and eating or drinking near historic monuments, churches and buildings is an offence. Do not sit on or remove anything from what seems like a preserved site. The key is to respect the environment and asking for local advice is never a bad idea.

Driving through Italy enables travellers the best opportunity of viewing the stunning scenery in their own time. The laws of the road are not anything abnormal, sharing a likeness with Western driving culture. You do not require an International driving permit for your visit. We would only advise that you be aware of the dozens of tolled roads and that you always use your dipped headlights on two-lane motorways. Otherwise, if you opt not to drive, there are still taxis available that charge reasonably. Uber is also very popular in Italy, operating in Milan, Rome, Genoa and Turin. You’ll need to bring plenty of Italian euros to subsidise your taxi travelling, so check for the euro exchange rates.


Italy has some of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. One of the best examples is the Roman Colosseum. It’s perhaps the most significant reminder of Rome’s broad history, as the largest amphitheatre ever built during the Roman Empire. The site is open all year round and always has fascinating tours available. An attraction of similar magnitude is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. This incredible architectural design resulted from its gradual sinking whilst under construction. Why not be one of these individuals to visit this astonishingly flawed building when you stay at Situ’s serviced apartments.

It’s not just individual attractions which make Italy so recognisable though. The cities of Venice and Florence are brimming with Italian culture and architectural beauty. The Venice Canals incorporates a tradition foreign visitors have been enjoying for centuries. A Vaporetto ride along the Grand Canal offers a great chance to comfortably see everything within this beautiful city. The capital of the Tuscany region, Florence, similarly showcases Italian heritage and culture, famed for its gourmet cuisine and world-class art. Italy has an abundance of places to explore which show off its cultural exclusivity in comparison to other European countries. Situ has a range of serviced apartments to help you fulfil these explorations.

Italy’s individualistic character is the reason the country is one of the most popular travel destinations. Its remembrance of the past through historical monuments, architecture and attention are given to its identifiable culture make it recognisably unique in comparison to anywhere else. As well as all that, the potential for business success is high, so Situ makes sure it can provide the continuous flow of business travellers with a comfortable, relaxing stay at one of our Italy serviced apartments.



By Air

Italy has a selection of large airports dotted around the country to make sure the major cities are easily accessible. These include; Rome Fiumicino Airport, Milan Malpensa Airport, Venice Marco Polo Airport and Begamo Airport.

In 2017, Italy’s airports handled around 170 million passengers. We have serviced apartments within close vicinity of some of these airports.

Ferrovie dello Stato

Providing extensive services connecting passengers easily inside and outside of Italy, the Italian railway system is a significant aspect of the country’s infrastructure. Fares are reasonable and first-class tickets enable you to see the best of Italy’s amazing landscape.

The construction of the new high-speed rail network and its trains ‘Frecciarossa’ serves major cities such as Milan, Rome and Torino.

Rome Metro

Known as ‘Metropolitana’ by the locals, the metro in Rome provides ideal transport through the Italian capital.

Services run every ten minutes and offer great connections between airports and the city centre. Smaller metro stations can be found also in Milan, Naples and Turin.

By Bus

The Italian bus network is not headed entirely by one company, as ten providers all work in an alliance and offer services all over Italy. Bus routes vary, with some connecting passengers to countries in Western and Central Europe, whilst others connect the smallest of Italian villages.

The main bus stations are in Bologna, Florence, Naples, Milan, Venice and Torino.

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