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Discover Israel's business hub with Situ's corporate accommodation, perfect for corporate travellers. Immerse yourself in the dynamic cities of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa while enjoying the comfort and convenience of Situ's accommodations. Our serviced apartments cater specifically to the needs of business professionals, offering a seamless blend of comfort, functionality, and personalized service. Whether you're visiting for a short-term assignment or an extended stay, Situ's serviced apartments in Israel provide the ideal home-away-from-home experience for corporate travellers. Experience the best of Israel's business scene while enjoying the comforts of Situ's selected accommodations.
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About Israel


Rich in history and religious significance, Israel has grown in popularity as a destination for tourists and corporate travellers. The Israeli economy is emerging as one of the largest in Asia, and the history and culture embedded within the country make it an increasingly popular location for serviced apartments and its business guests.

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About Israel

Most of what we know today about Israel ancient history originates from the Hebrew Bible. The country’s name comes from the father of Judaism’s grandson, Jacob, who was renamed Israel by the Hebrew God in the Bible. It has been religious attitudes which have pathed the way for present-day Israel. After centuries under Ottoman rule, the goal of establishing exclusive areas for each religion has been imperative. Arab and Jewish conflict has been consistent throughout recent years due to both groups believed the land they share is only holy regarding their own religion. The countries independence from British rule and Jewish status came in May 1948, when the state was established and led by the head of the Zionist Movement, Ben Gurion.

Regarded as the biblical Holy Land, Israel is a Middle Eastern country on the Mediterranean Seas. Bordered by Egypt, Joran, Lebanon and Syria, the country is home to over 8 million people of many different religions. The Jewish community particularly deem the land important, with many archaeological and religious sites reflecting Jewish beliefs and culture. Despite its relatively small landmass, Israel’s geography and terrain are diverse, split into four regions, the Mediterranean coastal plain, central Israel’s hilly region, the Great Rift Valley and the desert region of Negev. With this comes a range of climates, and all of this encourages travellers to a unique experience in Israel.


The potential for prospering business is at its highest in Israel. Ever since the 1980’s hyperinflation and the introduction of the new shekel currency, Israel’s economy has progressed positively. The shekel is still the currency today, and you can check the current exchange rates at the Bank of Israel’s website.

The country has one of the highest living standards in the region, and unemployment is at its lowest it’s been for decades. This employed population is a highly qualified labour force, featuring many engineers and scientists with a creative and innovative attitude towards technology. High-tech companies are those who favour most, which benefit from regular investment in this constantly-advancing technology era. The prosperity of the world’s leading diamond manufacturing and trading centre also exemplifies the country’s wealth. In terms of business start-up too, the Israeli government has an open attitude. This same attitude is the reason why the country has beneficial trade relationships with western states such as the US. Promising business opportunities exist, and therefore business travellers look for serviced apartments in Israel all year round.


When entering Israel for business, you should apply for a B/2 visa. This is valid for up to three months and can be extended subject to approval. For a list of all the country’s whose residents require a visa to enter Israel, visit

Israel has a few strict laws and rules based upon their religious attitudes. Places such as Jerusalem are where you should take most caution. For instance, be aware of the way you dress and avoid driving in ultra-Orthodox Jewish areas on particular religious days and over weekends. Similar regard should be made for the holy month of Ramadan, between the 27th May and 25th June. In case of any disturbances, be sure to always carry identification with you. For more information visit

Israel does not have a particularly good reputation for safe driving. Although most the rules are similar to those in Europe and driving on the right is the standard, attitudes towards safety are limited. However, if you are careful and vigilant, driving through Israel can be quite pleasant. It is also useful to have a car between Friday and Saturday evening as no public transport is available during the Sabbath period. Your domestic license is all that’s necessary for driving in Israel.


Three million tourists arrive in Israel each year to visit some of the world’s most historic, famous attractions. Although the country has an obvious connection with religion and pilgrimage, there is a mixture of both religious and non-religious sight-seeing spots in Israel. One of these secular locations is The Dead Sea, surrounded by the cliffs of the Great Rift Valley. The Sea is one of the bizarre wonders of the world and the lowest point on earth. Business travellers can easily venture from their serviced apartment and relax in the clear, warm waters, which is famous for its buoyancy. Swimmers cannot sink in this water and it has wowed the people for years. Similarly beautiful is Timma Park in the desert region of Negev. The rugged desert scenery is enchanting and encourages visitors to explore its many secrets and extraordinary rock formations.

The most popular destinations in Israel are of course those with extremely religious connections. Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth are all stunning expressions of holy, religious beliefs. There links with Jesus Christ and the Bible make them vastly popular for pilgrimage. However, the locations should also be appreciated for their architectural beauty too. The alleyways are packed with historic significance and are all complimented by the equally magnificence countryside and skylines. Our Israel city apartments enable you to have easy access to all these enchanting towns and cities.

Whichever way you intend to spend your time in this holy capital, Situ looks to provides serviced apartments to suit your needs. Stay in Israel’s serviced accommodation and benefit from the progressing economy and amazing scenery.


Ben Gurion Airport (TLV)

The country’s busiest airport is named after Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion.

The airport is located in Airport City, conveniently placed between the major cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Public transport to-and-from Israel is frequent and easy to use.

Israel Railways

Government-owned company Israel Railways manages the operation of all train services in the country. Adjacent countries are not reachable via train, but a link to Jordan is being planned.

By Bus

The two largest bus operators are Egged, the largest, and Dan. Both operators provide transit to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, as well as over 1,000 routes between the largest and smallest cities.

Bus stops in cities and on the roads are marked by a yellow metal ‘flag’.

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