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Discover exceptional corporate accommodation and serviced apartments in the USA. Immerse yourself in the comfort and convenience of fully furnished apartments, designed for corporate travelers. Whether you're seeking short-term corporate housing or an extended stay, these serviced apartments offer a home-away-from-home experience with the added amenities and services catered to business professionals. Experience the perfect blend of comfort, flexibility, and professionalism during your corporate journey in the USA.
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About USA


The United States ranked third regarding international tourist arrivals last year, welcoming nearly seventy-seven million people around the world. With one of the richest and most diversified economies, the US is obviously a popular destination for business travel and new construction of serviced apartments.

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About USA

Populated by around 320 million people, equivalent to 4% of the world’s population, the United States of America is certainly a global superpower. The North American nation consists of fifty states, with two of them, Alaska and Hawaii detached. Overall, the country’s landmass spreads 3.8 million square miles and therefore requires six different time zones. The US is extremely diverse regarding climate, terrain and landscape. It also has every biome on earth within its borders, fulfilling every traveller's dream.

US history truly came to life following the country’s discovery by Italian explorer Christopher Columbus in 1492. European powers, including Britain, expanded through the New World. Following were years of European state competition for territory, and then the development of US-British tensions. After a Revolutionary war between the two sides, America did succeed in declaring its independence in 1776.

It was not long into this sense of freedom that Americans adopted the belief of ‘Manifest Destiny’. Once the country had overcome the Civil War and the Great Depression, the US had a significant say in twentieth century World Wars and the Cold War. Debates continue today over the origins of America’s present-day superiority regarding morality. Regardless of the past, the USA is now a global superpower, steering the world’s largest economy.

The 'American Dream'

The US economy’s GDP equates to 26 per cent of the world’s total economic output. Its successful economy would never exist without the incredibly diverse, huge consumer market. The US enjoys free trade agreements with twenty countries, expanding the consumer market further 

 Business indexes exemplify superiority. The US ranks the highest amongst countries with over one hundred million in the Ease of Doing Business Index. The developed and expansive infrastructure enables both the diverse workforce and consumer market to contribute to these businesses’ success. A stable democracy also ensures all companies, regardless of nationality, compete on an even playing field. Industry and market options are endless too, and it has not gone unrecognised by corporates. Situ’s corporate accommodation in the most prosperous US cities enables business arrivals the chance to cash in on one of the greatest economies in the world.

Despite the American Dream and the land of opportunity reputation, this does not mean the lifestyle is always cheap. The busiest cities and towns can be pricey, so it is worth carrying plenty of currency. This is the US Dollar (USD), which is the world’s primary reserve currency and the most used in global transactions. Updates of its exchange rates are everywhere but for the best information visit

Living in the States

Residents of most EU countries, Australia and New Zealand can all access the United State visa-free through the Visa Waiver Programme. These citizens are enabled to stay for tourism or business for up to ninety days. All arrivals to the US though will need to fill out the US customs declaration, either completed electronically (APC) or on paper. For more specifics on visas, it’s worth visiting

Not many countries around the world are as socially diverse as the US. Laws vary depending on the state. It's nearly impossible to outline a set of laws applicable to every single state. Therefore, it is definitely recommended that you do your research before travelling. As well as that, attitudes towards a variety of matters, such as sexuality or marriage, are also extremely diverse across the country. Just make sure you do your homework or ask the locals for advice. 

Some say driving in America is the greatest enabler of truly fulfilling US travel. Road conditions are generally pretty good but also varied. This is similar when talking about road documentation, as this differs depending on which state you are in. Obtain an International Driving Permit anyway, to ensure you are always covered alongside your valid national driving license. All Americans do drive on the right though and are normally good conformers to generic road driving laws found around the world. We advise going to this website first though for more specific driving information; Alternatively, you could easily travel throughout the States via taxis. Usually bright yellow, these taxis are inexpensive and plentiful around most cities.


It is difficult to describe every American attraction and scenic hotspot. If it's the scenery and natural wonders that you are after though, then look no further than the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park. As well as their astounding natural qualities, they both consist of wonderful wildlife and plenty of tourist activities to encourage visitors to really engage with these American wonders.

In terms of nationalistic and historical stature, the White House and Statue of Liberty are obvious destinations of choice. The White House is the pinnacle of American nationalism and tops the list of those wanting to see the centre of American history. Whereas, the Statue of Liberty, the universal symbol of freedom, is the largest statue in the world and defines the country’s past and present beliefs. Tours and nearby serviced apartments allow foreign arrivals easy access to two great symbols of the States.

Finally, its important to mention some of America’s business and high-energy capitals. Both Times Square in Manhattan and the Las Vegas strip epitomise American wealth and facilitate foreign business success. Both destinations come alive at night with colour, light and bustle. Trusting you stay in American corporate accommodation will mean you can experience these irreplaceable locations for yourself.

Attempting to summarise the US’s stunning and profitable characteristics is difficult, as there are so many aspects to consider. Belongs as there is an acknowledgement of the country’s phenomenal landscapes and immensely promising economy, it should be enough to convince corporates to travel to the States. It is also good to acknowledge that Situ has many city apartments to accommodate any business travellers to the US.


By Air

It’s nearly impossible to label the United States with a main international airport. It has over thirteen thousand overall, more than any other nation. This provides travellers with the advantage of being able to access almost anywhere across the States.

The top five busiest airports in American based on passenger traffic are; Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), O’Hare International Airport (ORD), Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and Denver International Airport (DIA).
All these airports, and many more, provide public transport to-and-from the airport to their nearest city centre and near your serviced apartment.

By Train

The USA has easily the world’s longest railway network operating over 250,000km, over twice the length of the second largest network in China. However, despite its length, 80% of the network constitutes of freight lines.

The country’s largest passenger railroad provider is Amtrack. Officially known as the National Railroad Passenger Cooperation, Amtrak provides a vast variety of services. Whether its high-speed, long-distance, short-distance, business class or first class, this network connects millions of American and foreign passengers every year.

By Bus

What other public transport cannot provide unlike American buses, is the ability to see the countryside and the people who occupy it. Popular opinion suggest buses in America are clean, reliable and safe. Travelling by bus can save you money when travelling through cities and towns too.

Healthy competition between Greyhound and Trailways bus services benefits passengers with a variety of ever-improving services covering America. Greyhound specialises in major long-distance travel, provides ideal transport through the US and Canada.

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