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Situ’s selection of luxury serviced apartments in Norway have been chosen especially for corporate travellers. Guests in our Norway apartments can enjoy the luxury of a fully-equipped kitchen, a comfortable bed and a home-away-from-home while they are away from theirs. Our range of corporate Norway apartments are located close to the city centre, and you can even enter your address to check travel times from your work location to your property.
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About Norway


Discover the variety of business opportunities and leisure activities in Norway.

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About Norway

Where is Norway

Norway is the northernmost European country that stretches along the coasts of the Northern and the Norway seas to the Arctic. The coastline of Norway consists of numerous fiords and is therefore very extensive and uneven. Norway borders Sweden and Finland in the east and relates to Denmark in the south with regular sea transfers. The capital city Oslo lies in the south of the country near the Swedish border. The few motorways run from Oslo to the south coast and to Sweden, and the E6 motorway connects Oslo and the southern coast to the northernmost parts of the country in the Arctic.

Why serviced apartments in Norway

Business travel requires comfortable accommodation and easy connections. Stay in one of our first-class Norway serviced apartments and enjoy a different approach to short-term accommodation close to the city centre and by public transport. Our apartments were created for corporate customers and provide everything you need to make the most of your trip. All serviced apartments are furnished for remote working and ready to meet your work-related requirements. The apartments are spacious and comfortably furnished. There is always a working area with a desk and plenty of room for all gadgets. A fast and reliable internet connection comes as standard and is suitable for remote working. Our guests enjoy access to a fully equipped kitchen with all the necessary utensils and quality laundry services.

In our serviced apartments in Norway, you will enjoy a unique combination of office-like convenience and a cosy home atmosphere that no hotel or B&B can provide. Let us take care of all your needs so that you can concentrate on the task at hand. Browse our serviced apartments in Norway on our website and contact our helpful staff for details.

Business opportunities in Norway

The economy of Norway is among the strongest in Europe with an emphasis on cutting edge technology, innovation and education. The economic policy of Norway in recent years has been aimed at attracting foreign investors and the globalization of local companies. An efficient and egalitarian model of society, a high standard of living and good social conditions have had an impact on the business culture in Norway.

Norway concentrates its main activities on oil and gas energy sectors, sea transport and vessel maintenance, and seafood manufacturing. However, the R&D and tech sectors are also very prominent. Norwegian industry produces goods, components and services of bespoke quality at above-average prices. Original local brands and enterprises are few and they focus mainly on the internal market.

The prosperity of Norway is largely due to the oil and gas production but the government adopts preventive measures to stimulate other sectors and avoid the country’s dependence on the extraction of raw materials. Several governmental programs support various sectors in order to diversify the economy.

Living in Norway

Norway is a prosperous and stable country with stunning landscapes, a mild climate and a very long life expectancy. Life quality in Norway is among the highest in Europe and the 5,5 million Norwegians are very proud to have achieved this. The streets of Norway are very safe, there is an excellent infrastructure, quality medicine and an effective social security system. Besides, Norwegians are very ecologically-conscious, recycling is a part of everyday life and the ecology in Norway is very good.

Living in Norway means living near water, most of the population is settled along the coasts and on islands, and the capital city Oslo lies on a large body of water. The climate in Norway is mild and allows to pursue a lot of water sports and active recreation. A special law allows tourists to camp virtually anywhere they please. Winters get colder the closer you get to the Arctic, and many foreigners believe there is too much humidity and rain in some areas. Driving can get especially challenging in winter, as mountainous roads and even city streets get covered in ice.

Living costs in Norway are very high, especially rents that start at over 1000 euros. On the other hand, all housing is really good quality and very well maintained. Oslo is in the top ten of the most expensive cities, and a progressive tax for personal income is especially heavy for the wealthiest. Average income holders should expect to pay income tax within the average for the EU. 



Norway is the country with the most air travel per capita in Europe, and flights from Oslo to Trondheim, Bergen and Stavanger are regularly among the top ten busiest on the continent. This is due to the low population density, specifics of topography and few residents in the interior and northern parts of the kingdom and, as a result, limited road and railway infrastructure in these areas.

The largest airport in Norway is Oslo Airport, 35 kilometres to the northeast of Oslo. It is easy to get to the city by express train or an intercity train. The trip takes only 20 minutes and costs 180 Krones one way for an express train and half that for a regular train.
Other important air hubs are Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim.


Norway has a developed railway network, connecting the southernmost station in Kristiansand to the northernmost in Bodø above the Arctic Circle. Many sections pass through the scenic landscape, allowing passengers to admire mountains, lakes and fjords. The most famous section is Bergensbanen which runs between Oslo and Bergen and was named the best train voyage in the world by Lonely Planet.

Train tickets can be bought up to 90 days in advance. You can purchase online or at ticket vending machines, ticket offices and even on board.

Buses and coaches

Coaches take you anywhere in Norway and allow you to enjoy the delightful scenery on the way. In addition, express coaches connect major cities, airports and ferry terminals. Many bus routes intersect with other means of transport allowing easy access to anywhere in the country.

The best network of public transport is in Oslo, it has city buses, trams and underground. The main service provider is Ruter AS and you will need a Ruter travel card for all public transport. It is available from any ticket office or ticket machine. Top up the card with credit and swipe it every time you board.


Regular ferry service links Norway with many European countries, including daily connections with Denmark, Sweden and Germany. Express boats and car ferries run along the entire coast and go out to the open sea, linking cities and villages with small and large islands. If you want to travel around the islands, use these to develop your own route that is convenient for you. Arrive in advance on the most popular routes as long queues are frequent.

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