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Russia, the largest country in the world, offers a diverse range of corporate accommodation options for visitors. Whether traveling to Moscow, St. Petersburg, or other cities, Russia provides a variety of choices for your stay. Immerse yourself in the country's rich history, explore its iconic landmarks, and embrace the vibrant culture. From luxurious hotels to serviced apartments, Russia caters to different preferences and budgets. Experience the warm hospitality, indulge in the local cuisine, and discover the unique charm of Russia during your visit to this fascinating destination.
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About Russia


Home to over 144 million people, Russia is a country with worldwide recognition. Matching this global superpower status is its prospering economy and exclusive attractions that cannot be seen anywhere else around the world. SITU’s serviced accommodation puts you right at the heart of this astonishing country.

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About Russia

Bordering the continents of Europe and Asia, as well as the Arctic and Pacific Oceans, Russia is the world’s largest nation. With the country making up almost 11% of the world’s landmass, it’s no surprise Russia’s topography, climate and culture are vastly diverse. Similarly, travellers must be aware of the incredible fact that Russia spans eleven time zones, and that it takes over eight hours to fly across the entire country. The most populous city is the 871-year-old capital, Moscow, which acts as the cosmopolitan and financial centre. Overall, over 70% of the people live in urban locations, despite forestation covering half the landmass.

The founding of Novgorod in 862 is usually recognised as the beginning of the Russian state, developing through overseas trade. The Russian Empire status was arguably originated by Peter the Great in the 17th century. The country gradually earned more worldwide recognition, particularly through the news of Vladimir Lenin’s seizure of power in 1922. His Bolshevik Party overthrew the government and the communist Soviet Union was born. The famous Joseph Stalin further established Russia’s power, mainly for all the wrong reasons. The twentieth-century power struggle for the top world superpower resulted in the development of nuclear weapons, violent colonisation of smaller states and an eventual Soviet Union collapse. Russia still remains though, a nation of worldly power and status.


Russia has the 9th largest economy in the world. On average, the GDP growth has been 7% each year since 1999. The strengthening rouble played a significant role in achieving this eclipsing of international growth rates. The Rouble is the second oldest currency in the world and has banknote denominations ranging from 10 to 5000 Rubles. For the current Ruble exchange rates, visit

President Putin has a strong aim to make Russia one of the top twenty ranking countries regarding the ‘Ease of Doing Business’. There is already a framework for this, with Russia’s ideal geographical location linking businesses to almost wherever they want to go. Increasing developments in transport links and infrastructure have made conducting internal and external Russian business easier than ever. Their abundance of natural resources of minerals, coal mines, natural gases and timber is attractive for corporates too. Russia’s captive market is huge and is always growing, with its consumers similarly earning higher incomes. There is a sense that there is untapped potential in Russia, and with the right etiquette and intentions, foreign investment and business on all levels can thrive.


When visiting Russia be aware that you must register with local authorities if you are staying anywhere longer than seven days. Most serviced apartments will do this automatically, but it is your responsibility to make sure it is done. With regards to lifestyle, there is a very unclear overall attitude on sexuality and religious practices. It is very important that you consider these attitudes before you travel, but if you are confident of avoiding trouble and not attracting unwanted attention, your trip to Russia will be hassle-free. It is worth checking the website for more detailed information.

Only residents of Belarus and South Ossetia have a right to enter Russia without a visa. Otherwise, all residents require a visa, and for business travel, they are valid between three months and one year, dependent on the extension. For more specific details on Russian visas, visit the Russian Embassy website.

All foreign citizens driving in Russia require an International Driving Permit, as well as all the usual, necessary documentation. We advise that you do everything you can to avoid rush hours and avoid the poorly-signed country roads. The country is however currently undergoing an attempt to greatly improve its road network and conditions. Alternatively, you could travel via taxi. Fares are normally negotiable though and language affluent drivers are rare. We recommend downloading phone apps Gett and Yandex to make the taxi booking experience easier.


Moscow is one of the most recognised capitals around the world. It best integrates both the country’s cultural past and modern-day capabilities. Moscow’s two World Heritage Sites are the Red Square and the Kremlin. Its recommended that you dedicate a day for exploring this extraordinary Square. The Kremlin is the most visited attraction on the Square, home to the nation’s government and most important officials. The 250-acre grounds include several interesting museums, the Armoury and the Diamond Fund Exhibition. Our Russian serviced apartments enable you to be no further than five minutes away from all these legendary attractions. 

It is important to not disregard Russia’s scenic qualities either. One is the Earth’s oldest and deepest lake, Lake Baikal. This 25 million year old lake in Siberia holds almost 20% of the world’s fresh water. The Trans-Siberian railway route is the best way to see this legendary body of water and its incredible backdrop. With a similar illustrious reputation is Mount Elbrus. Located in the Caucasus Mountain Range in Southern Russia, and still considered dormant, this mountain attracts both novice and experienced climbers. A cable car can amazingly take visitors 2/ 3rds of the way to the peak. These eminent natural wonders can be right on your doorstep when you book serviced accommodation through Situ.

Russia deserves acknowledgement for much more than its size and massive population. Its economic affluence, attraction diversity, and exclusive landscapes should encourage more and more people to visit Russia. Therefore, Situ has a range of corporate accommodation to assist any business venture you make in Russia.


By Air

Russia has several international airports which serve the country, with the three busiest all operating from Moscow. These three airports are the Sheremetyevo International, the Domodedovo International and the Vnukovo International, which all grant you the best access to our serviced accommodation.

There are around eighty airports in Russia which enables you easy travel to every region in Russia. The two most popular outside of Moscow are Pulkovo Airport, which serves Saint Petersburg, and Sochi Airport.

By Metro

This state-owned rapid transit system was the first underground railway system of the Soviet Union. It serves around seven million passengers each day and supplies transport across Moscow and neighbouring cities Krasnogorsk, Reutov, Lyubertsy and Kotelniki.

The other main metro system is in St Petersburg, whilst there are also smaller networks in Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Samara and Yekaterinburg.

Russian Railways

Over fifty-thousand miles long, the Russian rail network is one of the largest in the world. Moscow is its main transfer hub and the prices are affordable considering the distances they cover.

Russian trains have a reputation for being punctual and offering a generous schedule to their passengers. Most services are equipped with sleeping facilities and some offer high-speed services. Your train journey can vary based on different class, journey length, speed, and the actual purpose of the trip e.g. sight-seeing or general travel. This variety gives an idea of how vast the Russian railway network is.

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