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Situ’s selection of serviced apartments in Monaco has been selected especially for those travelling for business. Experience a relaxing home-from-home in our Monaco accommodation where guests can enjoy a fully-equipped kitchen, a comfortable bed, and a private and flexible space. Our serviced apartments in Monaco are conveniently located and have everything that the corporate traveller needs for a successful trip.
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Situ Serviced Apartments in Monaco


Experience Monaco, the glamorous city-state on the French Riviera.

About Monaco

Why Choose Serviced Apartments in Monaco?

Our first-class serviced apartments in Monaco cover all the needs of corporate visitors. We provide a balanced combination of modern amenities and a relaxing atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a fast and reliable internet connection, dedicated kitchen and living spaces, and laundry services.

Our luxury apartments in Monaco are spacious and bright and furnished with reserved elegance. Your working area includes a desk and has plenty of room for your devices. Choose an aparthotel in Monaco and enjoy flexibility and privacy with added services such as on-site parking and a reception.  

All of Situ’s properties are conveniently located for transport, yet away from noisy streets. This creates superb conditions for work and rest. Browse our serviced apartments in Monaco and choose the perfect one for you.

Where is Monaco?

Monaco is the second smallest country in the world. It occupies just 1.98 square kilometres of the French Riviera coast, 15 kilometres away from Nice in the west. Monaco is 17 kilometres from the Italian border in the east and 45 kilometres from San Remo. Monaco is the most densely populated country in Europe, with over 36,000 residents.

Monaco is not a member of the EU, although it is linked to it via a customs union with France. Monaco uses the euro as its main currency. Most of its residents speak French, while just over 15% use the Ligurian dialect of Italian. Good English is likely to be spoken in most establishments.

The nearest large cities are French Marseille 200 kilometres to the west and Italian Genoa 18 kilometres to the east. To get to France from Monaco take the A8 motorway via Nice and Cannes.

Business Opportunities in Monaco

The Duchy of Monaco is small, but it is home to a wealth of prosperous businesses of all kinds. The vast majority of all external trade in Monaco is conducted with France. French and Italian tourists are the most frequent visitors to Monaco’s hotels and pier.

Monaco has the world’s highest GDP per capita at$ 153.17 and one of the lowest poverty rates in the world. It has the highest number of millionaires and billionaires per capita.

Its small territory, high standard of living, and fierce competition make it difficult ground for entry-level businesses. However, legislation is very favourable and business infrastructure is of supreme quality.

Doing business in Monaco opens a door to large profits. The real estate market in Monaco is very specific due to its limited offer. There is a high demand for premium-class property by very wealthy buyers, and an insignificant amount of new development.

The main driving forces of Monaco’s economy are service industries, especially banking, property management, and financial services, including insurance. Tourism is a major factor in the services sector, making up to 25% of the total revenue. A lot of progress has been made in renewable energies and sustainable initiatives. Agriculture and industry are next to impossible in Monaco due to the scarcity and cost of land. However, excellent business conference venues are available to showcase the best enterprises all year round.

Grimaldi Forum Cultural and Exhibition Centre is Europe’s largest conference venue, which provides three terraced auditoriums and massive exhibition halls. The convention centre and auditorium can house up to 1,100 visitors. The International Conference Centre has the capacity for another 450. These venues are especially remarkable as they were built on land reclaimed from the sea.

Every year, Port Hercule hosts the Monaco Yacht Show. This is a spectacular exhibition of over 125 unique luxurious yachts and over 500 yacht companies. The event draws more than 35,000 international visitors.

Another important attraction in Monaco is its casinos. Gambling in Monaco contributes a significant part of the GDP of the country. The chic and never-ending holiday of Casino Monte Carlo attracts millions of tourists every year.

Amazingly enough, the legislation in Monaco is very strict and old-school. Online gambling is illegal, and there isn’t a single iGaming operator registered in Monaco.


Living in Monaco

Glamorous Monaco has a lot to offer in terms of social life, cultural heritage, and active pastimes. Living in Monaco means enjoying more than 300 sunny days a year and all the benefits of the Mediterranean Sea. And at the same time, you can catch a skiing break in the Southern Alps any time it takes your fancy. The overall quality of life is tremendously high. Overall, the ecology of the Duchy and the mild climate allows for a very healthy lifestyle.

The community in Monaco is very international. Its current residents come from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, so there are a lot of international schools and social clubs.

The duchy boasts an extremely low crime rate. This is partly due to the high level of policing. It is also thanks to the vigilance and civic responsibility of its citizens. However, settling here can be very challenging, and property prices are some of the highest in the world.

Grand Prix Monaco is one of the most prominent events in Monaco. It attracts a variety of car-related businesses, targeting car enthusiasts of all tastes, starting from antique car collectors to Formula-1 fans.

Monaco has more supercars per square metre than any other country in the world. However, their proud owners must go to France to test their cars on motorways.

Stay in one of Situ’s serviced apartments in Monaco and make the most of your business trip.


By Air

The nearest airport for Monaco is Nice Airport in France, which serves EU and international flights. The airport is only 30 kilometres away by car, but a taxi ride is bound to be expensive. Public transport options are much more affordable.

A shuttle train will take you from the airport to the train station, Gare du Nice. Change here for a TVR train directly to Monaco. The trip will take just over 40 minutes. Another option is the 101 shuttle bus route that runs every 40 minutes.

By Rail

International trains cross Monaco regularly and stop at Monaco/Monte Carlo station. A direct train to Paris takes over six hours with a fast TGV train. The trip to Milan will take around seven hours. Regional trains of TER company connect Monaco to other Riviera towns and eleven regions of France.

A train trip to Nice takes only 20 minutes. A fast TGV train will take you to Nice in 15 minutes and in more luxury.

By Bus and Tram

Public transport around Monaco is convenient and varied. Passengers get to choose between buses, boats, helicopters, lifts, and escalators. The most convenient and affordable way to travel is by bus.

There are six bus routes, and tickets are available from the driver on board. One of the routes is by boat. For the same price you can get from Monaco-Vile to Monte-Carlo and enjoy the panorama of Monaco from the sea.

The only tram route in Monaco connects all the main tourist attractions and is a thirty-minute journey. Seven escalators help passengers go up and down the numerous hills of Monaco and they are free to use.

By Helicopter

Helicopter services in Monaco are provided by Monacair.

The main route connects the Duchy with the airport of Nice. Other routes connect Monaco to Saint-Tropez, Cannes, and some Alpine resorts. These transfers are helpful due to the geography of the Duchy, its mountain roads, and frequent congestion.

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