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Discover exceptional serviced apartments in Indonesia, providing comfortable corporate accommodation for business travellers. Enjoy a convenient stay with a range of amenities and personalized services. Whether you're in Jakarta, Bali, or Yogyakarta, our serviced apartments offer a seamless experience, allowing you to focus on your business commitments while enjoying the beauty of Indonesia.
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About Indonesia


Overflowing with culture and ecological difference, Indonesia is certainly a one-of-a-kind travel destination. Its prospering economy and unique archipelagic nature make Indonesia stand out from anywhere else. Business visitors are recognising this reputation and are creating a demand for Indonesian serviced accommodation.

About Indonesia

Indonesia located in South East Asia, consisting of several thousand islands. These islands cover 1.9million square miles of land and populate nearly 270 million people, making up more than 300 different ethnic groups. The capital Jakarta is the world’s seventh most populous capital, located on the island of Java. Indonesia’s significant size is matched by its business potential, which attracts the construction of serviced accommodation and corporate visitors.

Indonesia’s first inhabitant was one of the first species of Homo erectus, known as ‘Java Man’, reaching the island of Java over one million years ago. Since, evolution, trade, colonisation, and religious spread have been constant aspects of the country’s history and have created the country it is today. August 1945 marked perhaps both the proudest and most brutal month of Indonesia’s history. The Indonesian Natural Revolution symbolises the country’s ferocious resistance against the Dutch Empire colonisation.  The fighting was relentless, brutal and violent, but was necessary for present-day independence.


Indonesia often goes under the radar as a country with great economic potential. Its convenient position between the Indian and the Pacific Ocean enables good economic connections between South Asia, East Asia and the Oceanic. Currently the world’s 16th largest, the Indonesian economy is projected to be the fourth largest in the world by 2050. It is also the only proud member of G20 from south-east Asia.

The country has strong domestic consumption, contributing to 55% of the national GDP. An emerging middle class within a rapidly growing population benefits a range of sectors, particularly consumer and technological industries. It is not only larger business that benefits either, as micro and small businesses are the backbone of the Indonesian economy, employing nearly 108 million Indonesians. The combination of beneficial economic reform, strategic geographical location, and its own independent stability make Indonesia a prime location for business travel and new corporate accommodation.


169 countries worldwide are eligible to receive to a visa-free entry into Indonesia. The countries include the United Kingdom, Australia, the US and most EU countries. For a list of all visa-free countries visit Business visas are valid for up to thirty days and can be extended for free for a maximum of thirty days.

Indonesian driving is not recommended for those driving in Asia for the first time. The rules are flexible, and the roads are busy and poorly maintained. If you, however, are confident of driving here, on the left-hand side, you can simply do so with an International Driver’s License. Hiring a car or a driver seems to be more beneficial for foreign visitors, as its cheap and makes the chances of any incidents much less. Despite public transport and hired cars being reasonably priced, it is worthwhile bringing a suitable amount of Indonesian currency to cover all your travel. 19,000 Rupiah equates to one-pound sterling, and for currency exchange rates visit

With such religious diversity, it is important to always respect the local customs and beliefs. Particular attention should be given for those travelling during the holy month of Ramadan, between the 16th May and 14th June. Balinese New Year requires that the population observe one day of silence, staying indoors and turning off all the lights. Everywhere is closed except emergency services and hospitals.


Special attention should be given to the country’s many volcanoes. Guided treks are available at some of the most famed Indonesian volcanoes, such as the Gunung Rinjani, Mount Krakatau and Mount Bromo. These volcanoes are still active and provide an insight into the impact of their historic eruptions on society and ecological exclusivity landscape. They are an integral part of Indonesia geography and formed what the country has become today.

Why not take a rest from your business obligations and appreciate the country’s unique wildlife too? Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali, is where you can find the Sacred Monkey Forest. Inhabiting the ancient island are the long-tailed macaques which add to the character of this sacred island. Indonesia is famous for its Komodo Dragon, and where better to see them than the Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors can see these animals up close and explore the park through activities such as snorkelling, canoeing or hikes.

Indonesia’s exclusivity can be measured in a range of ways, for its landscape, its wildlife, its culture, and its busy business climate. A stay in Indonesia incorporates a sense of vocational relaxation and promising business potential. As a result, it has never been more important for business visitors to stay in Situ’s serviced apartments.


Soekarno-Hatta Airport (CGK)

Names after the first Indonesian President and vice-President, this airport is the largest in Indonesia. It serves the capital city of Jakarta on the Indonesia island of Java.

This is the 8th busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger count. Public transport from the airport makes accessing serviced apartments and the (20 kilometres away) city centre easy.

PT Kereta Api Indonesia (PT KAI)

The Indonesian Railway Company is the main operator of Indonesian trains owned by the national government.

Railway routes are most prominent in Java, operated through an innovative e-ticket system which has been positively viewed by the local people.

By Bus

Indonesian bus travel is immensely popular. Tickets are cheap, for both short and long-distance travels, and bus routes cover almost the entire country.

The buses work on a system of ‘leave-when-full’ which avoids the hassle of schedules but can result in overcrowding.

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