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Situ’s selection of luxury serviced apartments in Georgia have been chosen especially for corporate travellers. Guests in our Georgia apartments can enjoy the luxury of a fully-equipped kitchen, a comfortable bed and a home-away-from-home while they are away from theirs. Our range of corporate Georgia apartments are located close to the city centre, and you can even enter your address to check travel times from your work location to your property.
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About Georgia


Georgia also called the Peach State, is known for its subtropical climate, the world’s deepest cave, and Europe’s highest mountain range. There is so much to do and see for expats in this fantastic country.

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About Georgia

Where is Georgia?

Georgia occupies a strategic location on the border between Asia and Europe. This mountainous country lies on the southern side of the Caucasian mountain range and borders the Russian Federation in the north, Azerbaijan and Armenia in the southeast and Turkey in the southwest. The western border of Georgia is washed by the Black Sea, and Georgian Batumi is one of the largest Black Sea ports.

The capital city, Tbilisi, lies in the southeast of the country. The national language used for all communication in Georgian, which in its written form used the antique Georgian alphabet, incomprehensible to foreign visitors. This is why most signs are repeated in the Latin alphabet as well.

Use the local currency, Georgian lari, for all payments. Bear in mind that cash needs to be exchanged at designated exchange points. Be sure to obtain the right type of visitor visa before you arrive.

Why serviced apartments in Georgia?

A great location and modern facilities are equally for a successful business visit, whether it's for business or a relaxing holiday. This is why we go the extra mile to cover all the needs of our corporate customers. Stay at one of our serviced apartments in Georgia and enjoy the best of their office-like convenience and home atmosphere.

Short-term lets are a versatile solution for a business visit and as the first Georgia apartments for relocated professionals. Our furnished apartments in Georgia offer a balanced combination of facilities for work and leisure and a much higher level of service than any standard hotels and B&Bs. All apartments are spacious and airy, and the functional working area has a large desk with plenty of room for all gadgets.

A high-speed Internet connection comes as standard. Our guests enjoy access to a fully functioning kitchen and laundry service with a washing machine, which adds to the comfort and flexibility for a longer stay. All apartments are well located for public transport and airport connections. Browse the ample selection of our aparthotels in georgia and contact our professional team for more details.

Business opportunities in Georgia

Explore new opportunities in Georgia, the up-and-coming destination for investment, development and tourism. Georgia is an exciting destination for relocation and starting a business, as it benefits from the high-level infrastructure and relatively low running costs.

The main industries in Georgia traditionally have been agriculture with an accent on wine and brandy manufacturing, silk and tobacco. Today, Georgia’s logistical and energetic potential is booming. The country fully covers its own needs in electricity and exports a considerable amount as well. Exploration of oil fields in east Georgia promises excellent returns.

The Baku-Tbilisi-Jeihan pipeline runs across Georgia and is financed by the International finance company and major new gas pipelines connect the main cities. Re-export of raw oil is among the main sources of revenue for Georgia, alongside exporting alloys of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wine and other agricultural products, and textile and consumer goods.

Georgia has established favourable trading relationships with its neighbouring countries and most CIS states and enjoys customs-free access to the regional market. Free movement of goods in the area comes alongside visitor-friendly administrative and visa procedures. The majority of imported goods are exempt from customs duties and customs clearance times are the quickest in CIS.

Average salaries in Georgia are relatively low by European standards, and unemployment is still rather high. The upside of this is that the labour force pool is highly motivated and competitive. The overall education level of the labour pool in Georgia is high, most potential employees are fluent in several languages, including English and Russian.

Living in Georgia

Relocating to Georgia opens new perspectives as it is still off the beaten track, and still offers the joy of discovery to those who move here. The country’s culture, traditions and language are unique and include a lot of variety throughout the country. Living here offers the best of both worlds in terms of being able to enjoy the relaxed coastal lifestyle and having all the benefits of a big modern city nearby. Stunning mountains and comely beaches are never too far away from any sizeable city.

The main big cities of interest are Tbilisi, the capital, Kutaisi, a large industrial centre, and Batumi, the main seaport. These cities attract the majority of visitors and expatriates and offer the main international jobs. The majority of modern facilities can be found here at a high standard. Many shopping and food chains are not well represented in Georgia, so you may miss some comfort foods from your home country, but the local variety of foods and drinks will make up for anything.

The costs of living in the three major cities are considered below the European average, including the average utility bills and food and transport costs. Rental prices vary depending on the area and there is something for any budget. Some entertainment prices may go up during the tourist season in some areas, while local food and wines are delicious and affordable all year round.

Fans of active recreation in Georgia are spoilt for choice. Climbers and walkers will be rewarded by the Great Caucus range and the Tusheti National Park. Watersports admirers will enjoy their favourite activities along the vast Black Sea coast. People travelling to Georgia can also enjoy Tbilisi opera and ballet for a unique experience.



The main gateway to the nearest airport is Tbilisi international. It lies 15 kilometres away from the capital and serves over 1,5 million passengers annually by 30 major international airlines. The airport has two runways and a recently renewed terminal building.
The second-largest airport in Georgia is Batumi international airport. It targets passengers that visit the Georgian Black Sea coast and mountain resorts or are transiting to northeast Turkey. The airport is 2 kilometres away from Batumi centre, and the best way to get here is a taxi ride or a city bus line 10.

Kutaisi airport is designed for tourists that want to visit Aphasia and serves mainly low-cost airlines.


The railroad network in Georgia covers the whole country and connects the capital with the largest cities and the coast. Railroad transit via Georgia is very convenient for travellers from Turkey to the north and east to Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Choose first-class sleep cars for longer journeys, or hop on fast intercity trains for shorter trips. Ticket prices are relatively low, with a second-class sleep car ticket at $10 and first-class travel - $40 per person. A fast and comfortable train between Tbilisi and Batumi on the coast takes only 6 hours and costs $15 only.

Buses and coaches

The most popular way of travelling across the country is by bus or shuttle minibus. There are two main providers on the market that offer a European class of bus service: Georgia Bus and Metro. The shuttle buses are modern and safe, drivers are well-qualified, and the timetables are fixed and signposted.
The only Georgian metro in Tbilisi has two lines with trains operating between 6 am and midnight. At peak times, trains run every 2-3 minutes, with larger breaks off-peak. The metro lines conveniently connect central Tbilisi with the railway station and the two coach stations. Announcements and signs are repeated in English as well.

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