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Discover top-notch serviced apartments, serviced accommodation, and corporate housing in Australia. Enjoy the convenience of fully furnished and equipped spaces, ideal for short-term stays or extended business trips. With a wide range of amenities and prime locations, these accommodations provide a comfortable and flexible alternative to traditional hotels. Experience the perfect blend of luxury, convenience, and flexibility during your stay in Australia.
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About Australia


The island continent of Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. Home to over 24 million people, there’s no surprise that the Australian culture is broad, accommodating for a diverse, multicultural population. With that in mind, SITU provides serviced accommodation to cater for the millions of corporate and business travellers who travel to Australia every year.

Popular Locations in Australia

About Australia

Migrating around 60,000 years ago from Asia to Australia, Aborigines were the first inhabitants of Australia. The first documented European landing in Australia is said to have been in the 1600s, with the first European settlement of Australia following in the late 1700s. Since, Australia has built its history based on the heritage of its indigenous people and now benefits from an innovative, diverse cultural environment.


Nowadays, Canberra is Australia’s capital city sitting halfway between the country’s two largest cities Melbourne and Sydney. The legal system is identical to that of the United Kingdom, inherited from the British who colonised the country. Unless you are an Australian or New Zealand resident, you will require a valid visa to enter the country. Typically, when travelling to Australia for business, attention is placed on three types of visa: The Visitor Visa, the Electronic Travel Authority Visa, and the eVisitor Visa. Depending on your trip depends on which visa you require, so check the website for all the specifications. Make sure to be aware of your employee rights in Australia to avoid concerns of unlawful treatment. On the whole though, thousands of working holidaymakers travel to Australia each year enjoying their stay without issue.

Rules to pay attention to regard quarantine and use of e-cigarettes. Strict quarantine rules are in place to forbid pests and diseases impacting all aspect of health in Australia. Be careful what you pack to avoid these quarantine breaches. Visit the Department of Agriculture website for a full list of prohibited items. Whilst legality of using e-cigarettes differs between Australian states. Liquid nicotine is strictly banned from sale nationwide. Seek local advice for restrictions depending on your location.

Also, be aware that Australians drive on the left side of the road and around 70% of cars are automatic transmission. Speed limits are strictly enforced and driving above them could be punished severely. The terrain and nearby wildlife can often make Australian driving daunting, but if you are careful and aware, your driving experience will be fine. With long-distance driving being common, rest areas are located every 80-100 kilometres (50-60 miles) on main highways and roads for people to pull over and rest when needed. Recommended though are cost-effective car rentals. Rentals are reasonably priced, providing you hold a valid driving licence, ID and credit card for security.


Australia’s currency is the Australian dollar (AUD), the fifth most traded currency in the world. It has denominations of exactly the same as the British pound, except without the one and two pence coins. Differently though, the exchange rate for one pound sterling and euro is 1.90 and 1.58 AUD respectively. Visit for other Australian dollar exchange rates. Australia is the second richest country worldwide in terms of wealth per adult. The country is a significant beneficiary of small businesses which make an important contribution to Australia’s economy. They employ half of the country’s workforce and put together one-fifth of Australia’s GDP. Business travellers are encouraged to make the trip to a country brimming with business potential and prosper.


The country has 19 different World Heritage sites, including the likes of Sydney Harbour Bridge, the huge sandstone of Uluru, and Kakadu National Park. You can visit all these sites when you decide to book one of Situ’s extended stay apartments. Easily accessible from our serviced accommodation is the legendary Great Ocean Road. Stretching 243 kilometres along the south-eastern coast of Australia, this road is one of the world’s most scenic coastal drives.

Definitely worth visiting whilst working in Australia is Sydney’s Opera House. The multi-venue performing arts centre is one of the most recognised and distinctive buildings of the modern era. Hosting over forty shows weekly, there truly is something for everyone. Situ’s corporate housing allows you to be no further than a twenty-minute car or taxi journey from the Opera House.

Equally staggering is Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. One of the world’s amazing natural gifts has an abundance of ocean life and habitats. It’s the largest living organism on earth measuring almost eight times the size of the world’s second largest barrier reef. Therefore, the site offers a great range of diving experiences for its visitors, for both diving beginners and experts. Why not stay in Situ serviced accommodation and experience one of nature’s wonders of the world for yourself.

Australia’s remembrance of its own fascinating history and heritage combined with its modern-day extravagance make it one of the world’s most popular destinations for travel and business. Combine both the luxuries of business and comfort by choosing to stay at Situ’s Australia corporate accommodation.


Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport is the busiest in Australia, with at least 35 million travellers using the airport each year.

Transport options at the airport are endless and grant you easy access to SITU’s accommodation. Passengers can opt to fly internally all over Australia as well as travel wherever they please across the globe.

Greyhound Australia

Greyhound Australia runs a national network and is the country’s only long-distance coach operator.

Servicing more than 5 million passengers every year this bus company provides comfortable, stress-free travel across most of Australia’s mainland and states.

By Train

Australia has the seventh-longest rail transport network system in the world and acts as a vital aspect of the country’s transport.

In the likes of Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney our serviced accommodation is never far from the nearest train station.

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