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Elevate your corporate accommodation experience in China with Situ's serviced apartments. Designed to cater to the needs of business travellers, our accommodations offer the perfect blend of comfort and functionality. Immerse yourself in the bustling business hubs of Shanghai, Beijing, or Guangzhou while enjoying the convenience and personalized service of Situ's serviced apartments. Whether it's a short-term stay or an extended business trip, our accommodations provide a comfortable and productive environment, allowing you to focus on your work. Experience the best of China with Situ's hand-picked serviced apartments for business travellers.
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About China


One of the world's largest, oldest and most populated countries, in recent years China's economy has exploded and brought it firmly onto the world stage.

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About China

China was one of the earliest civilisations and is home to some of the most well-known historical sites. The foundations of the longest lasting empire in history are based on the rule of powerful families named dynasties. Since, China’s superpower status has resulted in centuries of amazing history, from the likes of Mao Zedong’s iconic rule to its chaotic involvement in global wars and tensions.

The people are always experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions regarding international relations and internal economics, but ultimately, this has made the Asian superpower it is today. The People’s Republic of China is now the most populated country in the world and has the world’s second-largest economy. Its formidable reputation has encouraged business travellers across the globe to visit the southeastern world power. Considering this, Situ has a range of serviced apartments available to accommodate the mass foreign visitor population to China each year.


In the last 30 years, China’s emerging economy has seen them become a major player on the world stage. For such a large economy, China still has a huge industrial sector, with almost half of its GDP coming from industry. Two-thirds of the population is rurally-based, so agriculture is also huge. China is both the largest producer and consumer of agricultural products in the world. In recent years, the service sector has been catching industry as a major source of income, with several Chinese banks now sitting within the world’s top ten banks for profit.

To spend your own cash in China, you will need to convert your currency to the ‘people’s currency’, officially known as Renminbi (RMB) or Chinese Yuan (CNY). Both are acceptable names for the currency. Visit to explore a wide range of exchange rates for your chosen currency.

As well as having noteworthy internal wealth, the success of any national economy is also dependent on foreign direct investment. China was ranked the world's second largest foreign direct investment (FDI) beneficiary after the United States and before Hong Kong. The country's economy was also classed the second most attractive to multinational companies for 2017-2019. What's more is that China has the largest internal market worldwide, with potentially around 1.5 billion customers. The astonishing statistics associated with China are countless, and whilst some pros do come with possible cons, the opportunities for economic and business success in the Asian superpower is overwhelming.


Depending on your length of stay in Chinese serviced apartments and your residency depends on whether you require a visa. For UK residents, in order to work in China, it is essential that you have a ‘Z visa’ and valid work permit. Take a look at the website for more specific information on visa requirements. We also advise whilst travelling through China that you always keep your passport on you. If you find yourself at a major event or area of high security, police could be conducting random checks.

Be aware that Chinese authorities have control over internet access too. Some of the world’s most popular online services such as Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are all permanently blocked. It is not a bad idea to acknowledge the attitudes towards religion and sexuality in China either, so visit the British Embassy website for more details. Consider weather forecasts before you leave too, with typhoon season being a regularity throughout the year.

Driving across China can be a risk, but if you keep your wits about you, it can be simple. If you plan to drive through the country for over three months, you must apply for a Chinese driving license. Otherwise, a temporary local driving permit suffices. We recommend visiting the website for all the information on obtaining permits and driving in China. Taxis can provide cost-efficient travel though, costing typically no more than around 20 ¥ for a two-mile journey.


China’s capital Beijing is a must visit in terms of the vast amount of worldwide-recognised attractions. A stand out landmark is the iconic Great Wall of China. The longest wall in the world is an astonishing example of ancient architecture. From the west to the east coast, the wall is around 3,000 miles long and is still incredibly well preserved. Book your corporate accommodation with Situ, and be nearby one of the world’s greatest architectural achievements.

Shanghai similarly has legendary sites of its own. Our China serviced apartments are near the famous Yellow Mountains, China’s best and most easily accessible National Park. With views of beautiful sunrises and sunsets, be sure to climb this famous peak. It’s important not to forget China’s modern-day charms either. The Victoria Harbour showcases a stunning skyline and represents modern-day China’s prosperity. The people adore its view, both day and night. Our city apartments are also a short drive away from another of China’s loves, the giant panda. Chengdu zoo gives you the best chance of seeing these animals up close in their “hometown”.

The country's second largest economy in the world and superior global status makes China an exciting location for business travel. Take advantage of Situ’s range of comfortable corporate accommodation and embrace every aspect of the third largest country in the world.


By Air

China’s size is reflected through its amount of large international airports. The main three being; Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

You will usually find that wherever you are travelling to in China, an airport will be in close vicinity, with a range of useful transport links being available.

By Train

China has one of the busiest and largest railway networks in the world and is operated by the state-owned company China railway.

Railway transport is the most important mode of long-distance travel. They allow residents and visitors easy access to almost every Chinese town and city and their serviced accommodation. High-speed rail services introduced in 2007 make train travel even more convenient.

By Metro

Subway travel through China is quick and inexpensive. Shanghai and Beijing subways are both the busiest in the world. Twenty-five of China’s biggest cities have subway lines.

By Bus

Whether you are travelling on a budget or over a short distance, China’s huge intercity bus system can be the best option of transport.

Buses run at a high frequency throughout China and are less complicated and cheap to use compared to airports and trains.

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